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The NFL tells Congress Washington is denying access to 109,000 documents from investigation

NFL: NFC Wild Card Playoff-San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The drama between the NFL/Roger Goodell and Dan Snyder/Washington entered a new chapter last night. The NFL sent the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Reform a letter stating it was Washington who is blocking access to 109,000 documents from the investigation into their toxic workplace. This falls on line with the report that Dan Snyder had an agreement with the league that allowed him to control what was released from the Beth Wilkinson-led investigation, and both sides had to agree to anything being made available to outside parties.

The Washington Commanders released a statement claiming they haven't blocked the release of any non-priveleged documents and won't in the future. Washington will likely continue to hide as much information from the investigation into sexual harassment until it is compelled to do so legally. Congress set a deadline for all documents to be turned over for Monday, but it is unlikely that Washington will give them everything they requested.

The NFL is clearly stating that Dan Snyder and the Washington Commanders are the problem that is preventing the Committee from getting the documents they demanded. The NFL is far from blameless in this situation. It was reported that Dan Snyder originally requested a written report when he initially hired Wilkinson. Roger Goodell only wanted an oral report when the NFL took over, and then claimed it wouldn't release details to protect the people that had spoken with investigators.

The NFL and Dan Snyder butted heads again on Wednesday when Washington said they would be conducting an investigation into the accusations from Tiffany Johnston that directly involved Snyder. Roger Goodell said the NFL would be the ones investigating Snyder and that the the power to remove an owner rests with the 31 other owners.

NFL's message to Congress:

Washington's statement:

Congress's response: