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Daily Slop: Washington Football Media Links Roundup

A daily collection of articles from around the web

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Football Team Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images
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Washington 2022 position breakdown | Cornerback
Kendall Fuller had another solid season with Washington, as he finished with the fourth-highest overall grade among cornerbacks.

Comparing Washington's rebuild to Cincinnati's isn't that practical right now | RSN
There's one very huge and very obvious reason why comparing Washington's rebuild to the Bengals' is currently a bit useless.

NFL's overtime rules stink, so here's how to fix them - Washington Times
The most exciting NFL game in years was decided by ... a flip of a coin?

NFL Free Agency Tracker: Start date, cap space, top available players | RSN
The NFL offseason has officially arrived for 30 teams. Here’s a look at when free agency starts and some of the top players available.

The final countdown to Washington's new football name begins, and Joe Theismann endorses 'Commanders' | Professional Sports |
The Washington Football Team will formally unveil its new name on Wednesday morning, during the “Today” show on NBC.

Gary Clark made a promise that fueled him to Super Bowl glory
Clark, who won two Super Bowls with the Burgundy & Gold, made a promise to never be the reason Washington lost a game after a dropped pass in an NFC Championship game.

Why some Washington Football fans want Hogs, Red Hogs to be the team name | RSN
Everyone has given their opinion on what the Washington Football Team's new name should be. Here are some of the fans' opinions on Red Hogs/ Hogs.

Why some Washington fans want Commanders to be the team name | RSN
Commanders is the favorite to be Washington's next team name. Several fans have warmed up to the idea, too.

Three of the top conspiracy theories relating to Washington's name announcement | RSN
With Washington set to unveil its new name Wednesday, it's time to recap the best conspiracy theories about the announcement.

Dan Snyder and team still dogged by past, new name notwithstanding - Washington Times
No matter what the franchise's new alias, people want answers.

High schools use ‘Redskins’ as mascot even as Washington NFL team moves on - The Washington Post
The Washington team’s rebranding has inspired some, but not all, school districts to move away from the nickname.