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House Oversight Committee releases report on Dan Snyder and Washington’s toxic workplace

Another investigation ends

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform has finally released their report on Dan Snyder and the toxic workplace environment at the Washington Redskins under his ownership. This investigation has been ongoing, and has spawned several other investigations and settlements. The Attorney Generals from Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia started financial improprieties investigations in Washington practice of allegedly keeping season ticket holders deposits. The NFL launched a second investigation over new allegations that personally implicated Snyder in the sexual harassment of a former employee.

Dan Snyder’s lawyers, the team, and the Republican members of the committee have blasted the investigation as a waste of taxpayers’ time and money, and have tried to pin all of the bad things that happen at the Washington NFL franchise on former team president Bruce Allen. They released their own report this morning that included more emails between Allen and former NFL head coach Jon Gruden that showed them exchanging nude pictures, and other language that ended Gruden’s career in the NFL after they were released.

Republican Oversight Committee members memo:

Gruden is currently suing the NFL over the release of the emails, and alleges that the NFL was behind it to get him fired. Bruce Allen spoke with the Committee and claims he was told by the Committee that a top NFL official told him that Washington’s side leaked the emails. Allen also confirmed that Snyder spoke about using investigators to dig up dirt on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. This was big news when it was reported that Snyder was also using investigators on other NFL owners like Jerry Jones, and more NFL executives.

Dan Snyder and Roger Goodell also spoke to the Committee remotely. The report claims that Snyder said he didn’t know to over 100 questions asked during the 11+ hour deposition. They claim he was evasive and misleading while answering questions. They also claim that the Washington Commanders and the NFL withheld 40k+ documents, including the findings of the NFL’s first investigation into the team by Beth Wilkinson. That report was given orally to Goodell, instead of the written report that was originally going to be presented.

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform’s report on Dan Snyder and the Washington Commanders:

Dan Snyder’s testimony:

Bruce Allen’s testimony:

The attorneys for over 40 former employees of the Washington franchise issued a statement:

The Washington Commanders response:

The NFL's statement: