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Scott Turner Presser: We want to be physical and balanced on offense; You never want to be one-dimensional

Jack Del Rio and Scott Turner talked to the media after practice

Jack Del Rio

Kam Curl not being out there on the field on Sunday:

“Covering the tight end. Kittle ran free last week, couple times, like to see Kam on that matchup. He’s a guy that can do multiple things. We missed him and we’re just getting ready to go for the next opportunity. Hopefully we get him back soon. Until he does, we’ll next man up and keep rolling.”

More explosive plays allowed with Curl out:

“No, I mean obviously, but no. We had opportunities to be much better on each of the explosive plays. It’s been corrected. It’s been addressed. We all understand it and we’ll look to be better. We can’t have those kinds of explosives.”

Cleveland Browns RBs/OL:

“Yeah, both of their backs are really good. Big strong offensive line, well coached. They do a good job with scheme and everything. But Chubb in particular, big powerful guy. He is not easy to tackle. He makes a lot of guys miss. He runs through a lot of tackles, knows how to follow his blocks. I think he’s a really good player.”

Deshaun Watson:

“Well, anytime you have the length that you’re down the length of time he was, he’s not gonna come back in day one and instantly be the player he’s capable of. I see a guy that’s improving. I think he’s got a great skillset, got a lot of respect for him.”

Chase Young:

“I thought it was a really solid first game back. He showed toughness and awareness throughout the ball game, and he ended up playing a few more snaps than I thought he would. He was rolling pretty good, and he felt good so we let him go.”

What’s next for him:

“Keep playing. Yeah, just keep playing. I mean eventually grow into the normal role. But, I like the way he’s approaching it. I think his mind’s right. I think his body’s improving and he’s working hard at it.”

What stood out about Chase:

“Well, yeah, I mean, like I said, I thought he was aware, for example, the screen down there, I think he was tough. There were times where he stacked up his end of the line really well as setting a vertical edge for us. I thought he showed toughness throughout. He’s a guy that loves football. You can see it, you can feel it. And having his presence back was good for us.”

Positives from the 49ers game:

“100 percent. It was great. I mean, we did some really good things in the game. We ended up being four out of five getting stops in the red zone, and the fifth one they got it on fourth down. So, to that point, they had three field goals and a turnover on downs. So, that gave us a chance to hang around and give us a glimmer of hope. So, without those stops, it would’ve turned into a situation where there’s no chance. So yeah, proud of that. We work hard at that, third downs in red zone, which is the focus of today. That’s the money day. Doing well on third down, doing well in the red zone goes a long way.”

Man vs. zone:

“Yeah, I mean I don’t talk much about game planning and my thoughts. I think it’s best that way. So, we put together a plan for each opponent and I think there are variances based on what they’re good at and what we need to do to slow ‘em down. So this week’s no different.”“100 percent. It was great. I mean, we did some really good things in the game. We ended up being four out of five getting stops in the red zone, and the fifth one they got it on fourth down. So, to that point, they had three field goals and a turnover on downs. So, that gave us a chance to hang around and give us a glimmer of hope. So, without those stops, it would’ve turned into a situation where there’s no chance. So yeah, proud of that. We work hard at that, third downs in red zone, which is the focus of today. That’s the money day. Doing well on third down, doing well in the red zone goes a long way.”

Derek Carr:

Benjamin St-Juste:

“Like a guy that had been out, a guy that had been injured, so he’s trying to get back. I appreciate that and we’ll just keep working with him.”

Scott Turner

Carson Wentz:

“The one thing, Carson’s excited to get back in playing. He’s been preparing the last couple weeks to play. He was excited to get back in the game. I think Coach talked about it, you know, Taylor has been a little beat up. We’ve had some issues, some of them have been stuff Taylor’s done, some of it hasn’t been his control. I think it gives a little bit of a spark of Carson coming in. Like we said, he’s healthy, energized, ready to go. I think there’s not going to be much difference as far as what we want to do. We still want to be physical and be balanced in that way. But I think just his excitement and energy coming in will be good.”

Maintaining the offensive identity with a change at QB:

“I mean it’s the same as it as has been, you know? We want to be physical, we want to let the offensive line come off and set blocks and we’ve played some good pass rushers in the last couple weeks. You don’t want those guys just be able to pin their ears back, that plays into it a lot. Obviously, we’re playing some good pass rushers in DE Myles Garrett and DE Jadeveon Clowney coming up in this game. So, you know, you never really want to be one dimensional, it’s all part of it.”

Wentz playing in a different offense than his first 6 games:

“Yeah, I think it’ll help. I think it takes a little bit of the pressure off of him not throwing, not having quite as many pass attempts. Again, you never know how the game’s going to go, you know, we might have to get into that mode or whatever at some point. But yeah, being able to run the ball, having that set up the play action pass, I think that’s just stuff that’ll help him.”

Wentz’s growth:

“I think a lot of times when guys get injured or they stop playing and you kind of take a step back when you’ve already been out there and you kind of see it from another perspective, it can help just provide clarity. I think you saw him when he came in against San Francisco, obviously we were down a two-minute type mode, but just being able to get the ball out of his hand, distribute it, not trying to think, Hey, there’s gonna be something better. Let me wait and see, but just understand where the guys are get it out and let guys catch and run and not, not taking those extra hits. I think that was an illustration of that.

He’s been really good in the meetings this whole time that he hasn’t been playing, whether when he was on IR or when he was the backup of just asking questions and trying to get that further understanding of just where everybody’s gonna be, how the routes are gonna be run. He always knew the players were just like the understanding of the intricacies inside of him and I think that’s just helped with the making decisions quicker.”

Wentz’s performance against the 49ers:

“Yeah. I mean, the first drive is a two-score game still at that point. They started coming after us with pressures. I think you evaluate it for what it is. I mean, the last drive, yeah, they were playing soft. At that point in the game but every play, we evaluate every play as far as like this is the expectation. Did you achieve it? And I think he did a nice job of that.”

Terry McLaurin playing with Wentz vs Heinicke:

“There’s a few that you can do. Some of that was a little bit of circumstance. You know, there was a obviously a little bit more of a comfort level because Taylor and Terry had played together before. There’s some things we can do, try to get the ball Terry’s hands quickly. We were doing that early as far as primary. Teams have doing have been doing a good job and always try to do a good job of taking Terry away. I think the thing that’s gonna help Terry is kind of the emergence of some of our other guys. Earlier in the year, Jahan was a rookie. No one really knew, so he got some good looks. Curtis was coming off the injury, not really sure. And now, as the year’s gone on, it’s opened up some things from Terry that way as well.”

Wentz getting the ball out quicker due to some of the protection issues this season:

“Yeah, I mean I think we can always help the line with protection as far as if we’re trying to get some balls down the field where you’re chipping or you’re sliding one way, chipping one way, sliding the other, stuff like that. Then the quarterback has just gotta understand sometimes, and it’s not just Carson, it’s quarterbacks in general. Like, you’ll pass up one thing because you think something else is better and you just can’t do that. The ball’s gotta come out. Like you gotta come out in rhythm. I’ve talked to you guys before about pass protection. It’s not just the line, we gotta get open so the quarterback can throw the ball and part of that is mixing in some quick throws. But with the guys we have, we want to be able to attack and get the ball down the field. Sometimes you gotta hold it a little longer, so you gotta make sure we’re matching the protections with what we want. But ultimately the quarterback’s gotta have the clock in his head where this thing’s gotta come out and if the route doesn’t come up the way it’s supposed to, find a checkdown or throw it away and get us to the next down.”

4th down goal line play with Antonio Gibson instead of Brian Robinson:

“Well, Brian was in the red zone and he ran three plays in a row and then he came out of the game. So Antonio was ready to go. I think he got a little banged up on the play on the third down play. So it was fourth and one and we were running it. Antonio’s been in that situation and been successful. Obviously, we didn’t get it so that was just, I think he was a little worn down at the time. That wasn’t a personnel decision that was made. And then the other one was it was a sneak. We got directly on the ball. We didn’t sub for whatever reason; they held the ball which normally they don’t do when you sub and it was less than a yard. We felt good about the sneak, obviously didn’t get the result that we wanted.”

Running back injuries:

“We have faith in our backs, we feel like we got a good group. Obviously, BRob and Antonio are the guys you talked about, but Jonathan, even Jaret Patterson. If we need ‘em, those guys will step up and they’ll be ready to go. They’ve all got experience playing in this league. They’ve all had varied levels of success. It’s week 17, you know what I mean? Guys are on this roster for a reason. Everyone that, that we have, that we’ve kept around for this long, it’s because we expect them to play. So, if their number’s called, I’ve a lot of faith that they’ll step up and do their job.”

Jahan Dotson:

“I think his skillset, he has really good concentration, really good ball skills. He catches the ball with people around him. That’s all the red zone, you know what I mean? There’s going to be people around you in the red zone. You got to have great concentration and ball skills to pull it in and he’s got all of those things. So, he’s got some good opportunities that have come his way, but it is pretty remarkable to have seven touchdowns in missing five games. And then kind of being limited in some of those other games in his first couple games back, you know? But it’s just testament to him. He’s a very good player, works hard and is important to him and he’s very competitive. I saw him I think a couple games go say, you know, when the ball’s in the air, he’s going to go get it. That’s his job and that’s his mentality and he does it.”

49ers defense vs the Browns defense:

“There is a lot of similarity scheme-wise. They like to do the same types of things. They have some really good rushers just like San Francisco has personnel-wise. Some really good players in the secondary. I mean [CB] Denzel Ward is a top corner. But scheme-wise, yeah it’s very close. They both have their own little personal twist on it just like anybody does, but it’s from the same family for sure.”

Losing his top two centers this season:

“Yeah, I think anytime you lose guys that are starters or backups, there is gonna be some sort of adjustment. I think the guys that we have, have stepped in and they’ve done well and we’ve done well of just not making it a thing. I mean, this is part of the league and we know that injuries happen. It’s unfortunate. But we gotta make sure that whoever’s coming in that we’re helping those guys as much as we can, not putting them in bad positions. It’s an opportunity for those players and they gotta step up and do their job too. That’s the balance of it.”

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