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Washington Commanders will announce new mascot on Sunday; the Hogs could sue Dan Snyder over the name

It never ends

The Redskins’ Hogs Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

The Washington Commanders announced their new name, logos, and uniforms on 2/2/22 after a campaign that supposedly took fan input into the selection process. They also worked on a mascot and we're set to announce it during Sunday's home game against the Cleveland Browns. The final two choices were hog and dog. Washington sent out promotional emails for the game last week that said the Hogs would be recognized, and former Head Coach Joe Gibbs would be in attendance.

The Hogettes were also announced to make their return to FedEx Field for the first time since 2012. This all seemed to line up for Hog to be named the team's new mascot on New Years Day.

Nothing is ever easy in Washington, and we've got another curve ball courtesy of five of the original Hogs. O-Line Entertainment was formed by Joe Jacoby, Mark May, John Riggins, Fred Dean, and Doc Walker and they are working on getting the Hogs name trademarked. Their applicatin for Hogs and Original Hogs was filed on July 22nd, and they are pending.

They claim Dan Snyder and the Washington Commanders are attempting to use the Hogs name without compensating the players that made it famous. They do not want to be associated with the team name and current management and ownership. They also want to ensure that their legacy and brand is protected.

The Washington Commanders issued a statement: