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Ron Rivera Presser: The biggest thing is sticking with Taylor Heinicke and what we’re trying to establish.

Ron Rivera Speaks to the media

New York Giants v Washington Commanders Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

Missed opportunities:

Brian Robinson Jr. getting more touches late in the game:

“Well again, I think you’d like to be able to do what you want to do a little bit more freely. Unfortunately, the circumstances did dictate some other things. But yeah, I would’ve loved to continue to see if we could have fed him. Especially if we could have taken advantage of scoring in the red zone because then the game would’ve been closer. It would’ve called for something like that where we could have handed the ball. But I do most certainly think that’s part of our winning formula, and that is to be able to run the ball successfully because it validates your play action, it validates bootlegs, it validates nakeds and keepers and stuff like that. So that’s something that we got to continue to focus on and stay focused on it.”

Offensive identity:

Empty sets:

QB change?:

“No, no. I think that the biggest thing more anything else is sticking with Taylor and what we’re trying to establish. It is something though that obviously is talked about, obviously out there and it is something that, to be quite frank, I do have to think about at some point. But if we can continue to get back on track and play the way we’ve played and do the things that we’ve done, then we’ll stick with where we are. Until then, I will do that.”

How Heinicke responded after halftime:

“Oh, I thought he responded very well. I mean, we continued to move the ball up and down the field. I think you wrote it, we have to be aware of our ball security and that’s really what got us. The first one, he got blindsided, but the second one down in the red zone, you’re looking to escape, you got two hands on the ball, two hands have to remain on the ball and protect it to the ground. And that’s the truth.”

Taylor Heinicke vs the 49ers:

“Well, that’s one of the things too. And again, if we can run the ball successfully and do a few other things, it will offset some of the things that they do and do well. We’ve gotta be able to handle that up front, which I think we can. We’ve been able to do it a couple of times. We’ve done it against Philadelphia. We had some really good moments against Minnesota and a few other teams where we’ve been able to control the tempo because we’ve ran the ball early and effectively. That has to be one of our priorities going into this game is that we’ve gotta make sure we’re shored up in terms of running the ball and then understanding in terms of our protections versus some of the things that they try to do.”

Redzone reads/TDs:

“Absolutely. It is a rep thing because a lot of times when you go through that and you see it in practice, you see it a certain way. Well, if one and two are open in practice, it’s practice, it’s a different tempo. So in his mind, in my opinion, we’ve gotta make sure we can stress to him, ‘Hey, this is gonna happen, but if it’s not there, you’ve gotta get over here quickly to this read.’ And that’s a rep thing. That’s an experience thing that we’ve gotta continue to create and build up for him as coaches. I think it’s one of the things that and again, I listen to the coaches, I stand right next to him during the red zone periods and we talk about that. They talk about it, ‘Hey, now remember you got these two, this side, if it doesn’t happen, you gotta get back to over here. You gotta do it quickly.’ And again, we gotta continue to emphasize that to help him so that he understands.”

“Well, again, I think one of the things that could be to his detriment is when your initials are taken away, you’ve gotta quickly come back to the other side. And when the spaces condensed and it’s reduced, it’s one of those things that you’ve gotta do quickly and get through it quickly. A couple times he’s kind of waited a little bit to try and give the guy an opportunity to get to the window or to another window and then go to another guy and sometimes it’s just, we’ve gotta keep that clock in his head going and continue to do those things.”

The urgency of getting DE Chase Young back out there with three games left:

“Absolutely. I think so. I think that for everybody for that matter. We’re in a very precarious situation right now. We have a half game lead over a couple of teams and the key though is we gotta focus in on and taking care of them one at a time. We got a big game coming up this Saturday. We got a couple of key guys that are hopefully ready to come back from injury and get them out on the field. So, they can help us out. I mean, we need all hands on deck. This is what you live for, this is the crunch time of it and you gotta wanna be there and and gotta wanna be part of it and do whatever you can to get on the field. Hopefully, some of these guys are healthy enough and ready to go because we’re not gonna expose anybody that’s not ready. But if a guy can come and make it and, and be out there to help us, we’d sure love to have them on the field.”

All hands on deck: