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Ron Rivera post-game Presser: “We missed opportunities, and we can’t do that”

Ron Rivera, Taylor Heinicke and Terry McLaurin speak to the media after a disappointing loss

Ron Rivera was clearly upset after the game. He was indirectly critical of the officials, complaining that Terry McLaurin had checked with the official on the play where he was penalized. He stopped short of blaming the officials for the loss, however, saying, “We had our opportunities; we put ourselves down there. We missed opportunities, and we can’t do that. We talked about that when we were off last week – that the red zone was something we’ve got to be better at, and we didn’t do that. If we had done it, that last series doesn’t matter.”

He also addressed the two turnovers by Taylor Heinicke, saying that the team needed to protect the ball better, and talked about the field position battle using punter Tress Way. He said that they were nervous about Joey Slye’s ability to make field goals based on what they saw in warmups with the wind conditions.

The coach was complementary of the effort, particularly of the young players.

This was a disappointing loss, one in which the Commanders didn’t do enough on offense, defense or special teams to get the win. This will likely be a difficult week for Washington fans as the team prepares for a Saturday afternoon game against the 49ers on the west coast.


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