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Ron Rivera Presser: Chase Young, Benjamin St-Juste and other injured players are trending in the right direction

Ron Rivera speaks to the media for the first time following Washington’s bye week

Ron Rivera spoke to the media and gave them a rundown of Washington’s injured players, and where they stand coming out of the Commanders’ bye week.

Chase Young(ACL) - Good place. Right direction. Ramp himself up into the weekend. Still waiting for his return to the field after tearing his ACL 11/14/21.

Benjamin St-Juste(ankle) - Missed the last two games with a mid-ankle sprain. Good day of treatment, and headed in the right direction.

Montez Sweat(concussion) - Still in the concussion protocol. Should be able to return to practice Wednesday or Thursday.

James Smith-Williams(concussion) - Still in the concussion protocol. Should be able to return to practice Wednesday or Thursday.

Antonio Gibson(foot) - Played through the foot injury, should be good to go on Sunday night.

Trai Turner(knee/ankle) - Missed the first Giants game. Bye week was helpful for his return

Jamin Davis(thumb) - Had a planned surgery on his thumb, Rivera says he will play on Sunday

Sam Cosmi(ankle) - Team will see how he handles the injury that took him out of his first start at guard.

Ron Rivera

Injury updates:

Jamin Davis:

Benjamin St-Juste:

Chase Young:

Containing Daniel Jones:

Opportunity game vs the Giants:

Playoff atmosphere:

Bye week time off:


Young DBs development:

Carson Wentz:

Dan Snyder:

Taylor Heinicke/injured OL:

“Well, you know what Taylor, and with pretty much any quarterback is again, their ability to move and slide within the pocket. That helps ‘em in terms of pass protection. But I think if you’re going to help, you got to be able to run the football and be able to take it downhill and be physical and then offset that with good play action. And be aware of putting yourself more in third and short than, than third and long. I mean, that’s the last thing you wanted to do is be in passing situations and have a long way to go. So I think that the best thing we can do is really be able to run the ball successfully or just be really good on first and second down, whether you’re throwing the ball quickly and getting out of the quarterback’s hands, or you’re going play action, or you’re running it. You have to be efficient.”

Tempo offense vs long possession drives:

“Well, part of you have to be aware of what you’re trying to do and how does it impact the other 10 guys. We’ve got some young guys that are out there. We’ve got a little bit of mix in our offensive line and some young skill guys that getting ahead of them could be detrimental too. So, we have to try and make sure that some of the things that Scott scripts, some of the stuff that he plans when we do some of the tempo stuff is with the right group of guys and it fits what we’re trying to do.”