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Scott Turner Presser: Sam Cosmi playing guard is getting your best 5 OL players on the field

Scott Turner, Jack Del Rio, and Washington players talk to the media

Scott Turner

Taylor Heinicke throws helped by his familiarity with the offense:

“I don’t know. I guess I don’t think of it like that. I mean, a lot of times stuff will come up and plays that we practice and it comes up the way we practice and he executes like he does in practice. So, I just think it’s just a result of him preparing. More of the plays of when stuff breaks down and him getting to a second or third option, stuff like that, those are the types of things that maybe take you back to, Hey, this guy’s comfortable, he’s rep these plays so many times that he understands what are the problems and then what are the solutions I can get from it.”

Concern over Heinicke’s turnover-worthy plays:

“I mean, yeah, you don’t want the ball to be in harm’s way. The first throw in the Houston game, that wasn’t a great decision, obviously. We coached the individual plays about good decision, bad decision. It’s different like, okay, you’re giving a guy a shot and, and I don’t know, like I don’t look at what PFF grades as a turnover worthy play. Like sometimes we’re gonna give our guy a shot and maybe the DB got his hand on it at the end. I don’t know how they grade that. I wouldn’t say that’s a turnover worthy play. We’re coaching him based on how we see it the decision making process and then based on how he responds to that, that’s how we respond to him.”

Sam Cosmi at guard:

“I think as the season goes on and you have some guys in and out of the lineup on the offensive line, you want to get your best five guys out there. So, being able to move Sam around a little bit, having him in there at guard, having that be an option of something that we can do, if that gets our best five out there, that’s something that we will be, be able to do. But we just want to be able to have that option, so we can get him, get him on the field cause a good player. Obviously, him and, and Big Luke [Cornelius Lucas] been playing, kind of splitting time. Both been playing pretty well, so we can get him out there together. That’d be something that’d be positive for us.”

Antonio Gibson:

Brian Robinson:

Jonathan Williams:

“He has a really good role for us. Obviously as the third guy he came in had four really nice carries. He runs really hard, creates a little spark that way. So, you know, he’s played well in other spots hes the kind of guy that typical guy in the NFL is a backup type player that is just itching for an opportunity. And he’s done a great job of when he has gotten that opportunity and, and, you know, the physical nature of this game. And as the year goes on, I’m sure he is going to get more and more and we feel really good about him when that happens.”

Run game:

WR blocking:

“Yeah, our guys take a lot of pride in that. Like they don’t ever want to be the guy who looks back on the tape and see that their guy is the guy that made the tackle, you know? Our receiver coaches do a good job of holding those guys accountable as well and they hold themselves accountable. But yeah, we’ve gotten a lot better as year goes on. Or just in general, just fighting to get a piece of a guy and that helps spring him. And even if it’s for five, six, seven more yards, you know, those things add up and make a big difference.”

Jahan Dotson:

“Jahan’s been great. I think at receiver it’s not all about production all the time. I mean, the guy can be winning on routes and the ball doesn’t go his way. We’re running the ball a lot more than we were earlier in the season too, so everybody’s opportunities are cut down. Terry [McLaurin]’s eighth in the league in receiving, so when we do throw it, he’s getting a large share of it. So, I think there’s gonna be games as we go down the stretch here where you’re gonna see more production from Jahan. I think a part of it is just kind of how the games have come up.”

Different styles:

Practicing a more physical style of football:

“I think you always make adjustments to your practice schedule. Obviously that’s Coach [Ron] Rivera’s decision but as the season goes on, it’s a long year, so it’s always gonna be physical. Now we’ve played a lot of very physical games so, we are always mindful of making sure our guys are getting enough work, but then also taking care of ‘em, and knowing that they’ve got a, they’ve built up a lot of reps over the course of the entire year.”

Running the ball making games go faster:

“No, I don’t. I mean, I guess I do after the game you kind of see some of the other one o’clock games are still going on, or you get in the car and you see what time it is when you finally get outta there but I don’t notice it. Last game was an extreme because they were running the ball also. But yeah, it does. The clock keeps running.”

Using multiple tight end sets:

“I think just a lot of it is how you feel you’re going to match up against the other team. We’ve had the tight ends, they’ve been hurt, guys have been hurt. We’ve been in and out of the lineup and then we’ve got some younger guys that had been playing a little more. I think they’ve all kind of developed. Logan is back and healthy. John Bates, he’s been pretty steady throughout the course of the year. Cole, you know, its either Cole or Armani, but Cole’s played more, you know, he is his rookie year. And there’s just some stuff that we liked out of those groupings gave us an advantage, gave us a little bit of help with the power run stuff. So we stuck with it.”

Joey Slye being named NFC Special Teams Player of the Month:

“That’s great. I mean, I’m happy, really happy for Joey. He’s done an outstanding job, obviously the Philly game’s, the one that stands out with the long kicks. But just knowing that like, hey, you get to a certain yard mark, you’re going to at least get points on the board. It helps and not for me, but just for our team, you know. You want to score touchdowns, but you know, those threes add up as well.”

Is it hard to be stubborn with the run game while wanting to have a multifaceted offense?:

“No, it wasn’t, I mean we started having success with it. It’s not about like me or the numbers or anything like that. It’s about trying to do what’s best for our team to win. And for right now in the games that we’ve played, like that’s what’s happened now, there’s going to be sometimes where it’s not going to be that way you want and other guys are going to have to step up and that’s what this league’s about and offensive football’s about. But, you know, if it’s not broken, you know, don’t fix it.”

Jack Del Rio

Chase Young:

“Play hard. Do the best you can to help the team The biggest thing is not to make it about him personally. Just come out, give great effort, fit into the rotation and do your job. That is what our guys have been doing to allow us to play well. That’s not going to change.”

Addressing that with Young:

“The whole group. We talk about that all the time. It is about us working together. It will be no different when he returns. I know there will be a lot of attention on him and I’m excited to get him myself, to have him return. It is still really about us doing our job, how it works together and how it leads to a lot better results on Sunday when you’re doing it.”

What he as a player would think about a defense relying on all of the defensive backs:

“The game is evolving. That is what you’re seeing. It is a different game. It is different from when I played to what it was prior to that when Matt Millen was munching on guards. It’s turned into speed and space. You have to have people match those things. There still is a powerful element to the game which I think is appealing but more speed and more space.”

The secondary:

“Yeah, I think each group takes on its own identity. I think the thing that we’re getting our guys, they appear to enjoy coming to work. The environment’s good. We seek to have that kind of environment but ultimately it’s up to them, you know? Our guys, I think they love each other, and they love playing. It’s a good combination.”

Saquon Barkley:

“Yeah, he’s right up there and is as talented as anybody in the league. He’s clearly healthy again. He’s got tremendous explosion, balance, contact balance and he’s got finishing speed. Really good player, really good player. And they’re obviously doing a great job of getting him touches and whether that be screens and check downs and routes he’s running or handing him the ball. Really good player.”

Daron Payne:

“Yeah, I think we talked about it. He’s very disruptive. He’s around, he’s hard to block and he’s around. Opportunities are there. So for him, it was more about focusing on the finish and I think he’s done a good job of getting that done this year. The other part is just the maturity. Some of our younger players that are maturing and playing better. I mean that’s part of what we take pride in as coaches is developing our guys. I think he’s developing, I think he’s doing a heck of a job.”

NFC East success:

“Yeah, the league is cyclical, right? So, right about when people think they have it all figured out, the AFC West is gonna be the best and all these things, all these proclamations is right about when it turns and the cycle churns and the NFC East is making a comeback. It’s ebbs and flow. It is cyclical and it’s great to see the East back up, especially with me being in the East. It’s great to see the East strong again. All four teams are very good teams and we’ve got a big game this week against the Giants.”

Daniel Jones:

“Yeah, I think Daboll does a good job with the offense, with the team. They started real fast. A big part of that is being efficient with his quarterback play, getting his running game going the way he has with Barkley. I think Daniel Jones obviously at the helm, he’s, he’s done a real good job of directing their offense and leading them to seven wins. So, I think he’s a guy that seems to play well against us, so in the past he’s played pretty well against us. We’re looking forward to the challenge.”

Ryan Kerrigan:

“Yeah, he is doing his job as a coach, looking to help guys. I think him having a different perspective, especially with the defensive ends and creating awareness as pass rushers and looking to attack different things that we identify throughout the week, that’s part of his job, help us put that rush plan together. I think he’s done a great job with it.”

Tip drills:

“It’s something I emphasize. I know he believes in it and we got a key one last week. Those things pay off. So, working the drills, working the fundamentals, whether it’s looking for turnovers, turnover drills, tip balls, those types of things, they all add up. They’re little things. And some of the little details to me is what happens late in the year. Here we are in December now, the teams that remember what fundamentals are and some of the basic principles that they have to play with, those are the teams that are gonna play well down the stretch.”

Taylor Heinicke

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