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Ron Rivera Presser: Carson Wentz is progressing well and keeping himself in football shape

Ron Rivera spoke to the media this morning

Green Bay Packers v Washington Commanders Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Ron Rivera

Monday Night Football practice schedule:

“We’ll give the guys Monday and Tuesday off. We’ll bring them in on Wednesday. We’ll do a half day of work, we’ll do a review of the game and then we’ll do a basic introduction. And then what we’ll do is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be our typical Wednesday, Thursday, Friday with Sunday being our typical Saturday, we’ll travel Sunday afternoon and we’ll play Monday night.”

Chase Young:

Reviewing the game tape:

“Some guys didn’t play as well as we need them to. We missed some opportunities on both sides of the ball. Like I said, there were a couple third downs early in the game defensively that we had a chance to get off the field. Unfortunately we didn’t and that was disappointing. Offensively, we got to understand, we gotta take what they give us because that’s what’ll create the opportunities later in the game.”

State of the team:

Taylor Heinicke:

“That wasn’t a talent limitation play, You know, in all honesty, I mean, that was unfortunately he threw it off his back with his back leg what you would like to see him step into the throw as opposed to having his weight back. Because if he steps into it, the ball stays down and comes into Logan. If you see it, he’s leaning back and that’s why the ball is sails.

Also, because his primary read was he had a pivot underneath that you would like to see him throw that. It’s one of those things, if he makes the throw, everybody thinks, God, what a great throw and nobody worries about him not throwing the pivot and unfortunately, you know, we had the interception and you sit there and say, Oh, take the pivot. That’s one of those things that as a guy goes through it, you want him to take the I don’t wanna call it the sure thing, but you want him to make the throw to the pivot.”

Benjamin St-Juste:

“Well, for the most part it was the design. It was to try and match him up on him. They had a really good basket. It really did. Jefferson’s a special player and we felt pretty good about Benjamin’s opportunities and he made a couple of plays that helped us. Jefferson got a couple plays that got us. I thought he fought and battled his butt off and did the best he could and the truth of matters, we feel pretty comfortable and pretty good about him. I don’t agree necessarily agree with the pass interference called on him. I’m asking for an explanation and interpretation, just so we can go forward with it.

“I struggle with the whole term hand fighting because we don’t have it in the glossary, in the rule book. There’s no real true definition of it, so it’s all about interpretation. There were a couple things. When you watch as the route develops, Jefferson tries to use his hands to get a little separation and Benjamin reaches back and punches him with his, and then when they both stop and turn, they’ve both got their hands on each other. And then when the ball gets thrown, it’s thrown really towards Benjamin more than, toward towards Jefferson. You know what I mean? Cause it hit Benjamin, I believe on the left side, which was away from, from Jefferson. So, again, it’s how the play interpreted and that’s kind of what I’m asking for in terms of the explanation.”

Rachad Wildgoose/Danny Johnson:

John Ridgeway penalty:

Benjamin St-Juste penalty:

Carson Wentz:

Snyders selling the team: