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Darrick Forrest continues to ascend in Commanders defense

Darrick Forrest's presence at Safety is being felt in several ways. But more importantly, his ability to turn offenses over will quickly become a threat to quarterbacks.

NFL: Washington Commanders at Houston Texans Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Darrick Forrest Jr. continues to ascend in the Commanders defense, and it could not be better timing for their unit. Forrest hauled in an interception against the Houston Texans, his third of the season and second in two games. NFL defensive coaches constantly search for an “eliminator” to play center field for their team. Someone with the athletic ability, mental processing, and ball skills to make quarterbacks second-guess their decisions to target the third-level because the single-high safety can make them pay due to the range he can cover.

With his playmaking ability on display against the Philadelphia Eagles and the Texans, Forrest is well on his way to solidifying himself as Washington’s post safety.

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