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Ron Rivera disciplines multiple players for drinking alcohol on plane ride home from Philadelphia

The NFL issues a reminder about their policy on alcohol consumption

Washington Football Team v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Washington Commanders pulled off an amazing upset over the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football and they had plenty of reason to celebrate. You could hear the music(Meek Mill because Philly) blasting from the locker room. Ron Rivera actually said he would talk to them about that celebration to remind them to act like theyve been there before.

Then came the plane ride home from Philly. The team was still fired up, posting their celebration on social media. Players loaded Taylor Heinicke up with their chains as he sat there just wanting to drink the Busch Lights he had started in a trash can full of ice.

This is a big no-no in the NFL world. Heinicke was on the Pat McAfee show on Tuesday, and McAfee was very careful not to say that Heinicke was drinking alcohol on a team flight. After the interview he said he was told it was against the rules and he didn't want Heinicke to get in trouble by talking about it.

McAfee was correct and it looks like Heinicke and several other players were disciplined for breaking NFL rules by consuming alcohol on a team flight the NFL sent a memo to all 32 NFL teams yesterday reminding them over the rules that prohibit alcohol consumption at team facilities and on team flights and bus rides. This also comes after Titans OC Todd Downing on suspicioun of DUI after their win at Green Bay.

Ron Rivera reportedly contacted the NFL with his plans to discipline the players, and the league was satisfied with this action. The specifics of the discipline haven't been revealed, but it likely came in the form of a fine issued by the team.