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Washington takes a 20-14 lead over the Eagles heading into halftime

Washington dominated time of possession in the 1st half

NFL: Washington Commanders at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Commanders must have read my 3 Matchups to Watch article, because they are running the ball, keeping Jalen Hurts off the field, and are even on the turnover battle. Washington has been dominating the time of possession, and Joey Slye kicked a 58 yard field goal to give them a 20-14 lead heading into halftime. The Commanders have been sustaining long drives, and running the ball to take advantage of the Eagles weakness on defense.

1st quarter

Coin toss:

Big return killed by a penalty:

3 and out:

Roughing the kicker:

Sack fumble:

Jalen Hurts TD:

Jason Kelce hurt:

Run tells:

Hospital balls:

Terry McLaurin:

Jahan Dotson:

Antonio Gibson TD!:

A.J. Brown injury:

Big DPI penalty:


Terry McLaurin:

2nd Quarter

Josh Sweat injury:

Terry McLaurin vs Darius Slay:

3rd down stop:

Delay of game on 4th down:


Kendall Fuller near pick:

Darrick Forrest INT:

Sam Cosmi at RT:

Big play to Curtis Samuel:

Bad snap:

Taylor Third Downs:

4th down conversion:

Brian Robinson:

To the 1:


3 and out:

Antonio Robinson injury:

Joey Slye 58-yard FG!: