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Future Hogs - Week 10: A look at college football players who could help the Washington Commanders

Wake Forest v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The matchup of the week between Georgia and Tennessee turned into a one-sided affair with Georgia controlling from start to finish. While many thought Georgia would meet Alabama in the SEC Championship, that looks less likely after LSU upset them in overtime. Clemson also saw their College Football Playoff chances diminish with a huge loss to Notre Dame. Ohio State and TCU struggled, but kept their undefeated seasons going.

I don’t see many teams that should be on upset alert this weekend, but keep an eye on Washington vs. Oregon. Alabama vs. Ole Miss should make for an interesting matchup as well. If you are interested in Group of Five schools, check out UCF vs. Tulane.

Below is a list of players that stood out to me with their performances in Week 10. Let me know what you think and feel free to add players that you think could help the Commanders.

Jayden Daniels, QB – LSU

LSU is on top of the SEC West and a lot of that has to do with the play of Jayden Daniels. Although he’s known for getting things done with his legs, he was able to throw the ball effectively against Alabama. If he shows more consistency throwing downfield into tighter windows, he should see his draft stock rise. The junior went 22 for 32 for 198 yards, two TDs, and he rushed for 98 yards and a TD.

Bijan Robinson, RB – Texas

At the start of the season, many believed Bijan Robinson to be the best running back in college football. Robinson definitely played like it in a win over Kansas State. The junior had 209 yards and a touchdown on 30 carries. At 6’0”, 222 lbs, Robinson is an uncommon blend of size, speed, and agility. Add to that his vision and ability to break tackles and Robinson might be the first running back drafted.

A.T. Perry, WR – Wake Forest

Wideouts that are 6’5”, 205 lbs, should not be able to get on top of defenders or run routes as well as A.T. Perry, but the redshirt junior makes it look easy. I don’t know that he’ll be able to create the same amount of separation at the next level, but he may not have to at his size. In a loss to NC State, Perry made 12 catches for 159 yards and a touchdown.

Kyle Patterson, TE – Air Force

Air Force has one of the most potent rushing attacks in college football thanks to a combination of unique schemes and talented players. Kyle Patterson, mainly a blocking tight end, is one of those players. While he can get it done as a blocker, he also is athletic and has the hands to be a reliable receiving option.

Andrew Vorhees, OG – USC

Newsflash: the Commanders need help on the offensive line. I’d been focusing on tackles in recent weeks, but I’m shifting to the interior of the line this week with Andrew Vorhees. The 6’6”, 325 lbs, redshirt senior is strong and moves well for an interior player thanks to previously playing tackle for the Trojans. He always keeps his eyes open for rushers to attack. He could improve his blocking in space and has had some injuries, but I like him as a guard that can contribute to a team right away.

Jalen Carter, DT – Georgia

A lot can change between now and the draft, but if Jalen Carter is not the first defensive tackle off the board, it’ll be surprising. He is so strong, he is almost unblockable, using a rip move to dispose of men bigger than him. He was a big reason why Tennessee’s perfect season came to an end as he lived in their backfield, accumulating four tackles, a sack, and two forced fumbles.

Trenton Simpson, LB – Clemson

If I had to pick a word to describe Trenton Simpson, it’d be explosive. The 6’3”, 240 lbs, junior covers tons of ground quickly. He pretty much does it all for the Tigers: rushing off he edge, blitzing up the middle, covering the slot. The only thing I’d like to see him do is be more impactful in coverage. He has no interceptions in his career. He had 10 total tackles and a pass deflection in a loss to Notre Dame.

Christian Gonzalez, CB – Oregon

One of my favorite cornerback prospects is Christian Gonzalez. He has amazing size for the position at 6’2”, 201 lbs. He has excellent feet and loose hips that make it easy for him to mirror receivers in man coverage. In zone, he has excellent feel for receivers, instincts for where the ball is going, and the speed to make a play on it. Against Colorado, he had two tackles and two picks.

JL Skinner, S – Boise State

One of the early favorites for best safety in this draft class, JL Skinner is safety that is a hard-hitter and is also good at dropping in coverage and reading the offense. It appears he has the ability to play both man and zone coverages. He made six tackles and an interception in a loss to BYU. The senior will be a coveted prospect because his skillset allows him to play different roles in the secondary.