QB? Possible scenarios

Tyler Huntley: He didn’t exactly land on his feet, but he’s recently shown he may have some untapped upside. I wouldn’t break the bank.

Cooper Rush: He isn’t much more than a competent game manager, but that’s more than we have and maybe all we need. Again, bargain, not spending spree.

Teddy Bridgewater: another game manager.

Sam Howell: the X factor; we really don’t know what he is.

My opinion is you don’t spend big on FAs. Rather, you look for bargains to help complete your depth and stop gaps of positions in flux. This would be my initial approach to FA because it falls before the draft. Of course you can shop after the draft as well. I would take the build thru draft a approach, signing my home grown talents to big contracts and trade off those I can’t keep (again) for more than we’d get in comp. Focus my facilities for training, medical, and scouting.