Can You Read the Hands of Time?

Carson Wentz, he’s a solid QB who needs stellar OL play to work his magic, a little high of the price tag of a high maintenance QB. Why is Carson high maintenance? Elite OLs don’t come cheap, you need a few good (preferably tall) targets for this guy. Slow release with hitch, low pocket awareness, NFL caliber arm, risky gunslinger who traits his arm a little more than he should. He a tough QB and big. Laid out two LBs in consecutive weeks to spring a run. I don’t hate Carson, but he doesn’t fit what we have.

Taylor Heinike, smaller and a different style of tough QB as his heart is just that of a lion. He wants to win. Severely physically limited, doesn’t counter this with quick reads, floats pass due to cleanly body mechanics (to be fair, Wentz does this too), he is a living thrill ride if you are rooting for the team you love. I don’t hate Taylor either, but he’s just doesn’t belong on an NFL roster. He’s worth giving a job as a coach to because this guy has the work ethic of a billionaire. The team loves this guy! It’s hard not to. Reality is, we can’t keep doing this!

Sam what the Howell??????? Why the f-%# not?! Our defense is playing playoff caliber level football right now. This guy is said to be very similar to Taylor, with an arm. Now my goodness folks that exactly what we’ve been asking for!!!! I’d be buying the Commanders if I got 20 dollars (6-7 billions guys) for everyone who ever said, if Taylor had an arm, he’d be an all pro QB. We saw his arm, the elasticity, we saw velocity, we saw his pocket escapability, we saw he’s a guy who loves this game. Mark Tyler did a profile on this guy and he said he lost his playmakers and his OL. His passing numbers dropped because why, he put the damned team on his back with his legs. This guy will run thru a damned burning wall to win. Does he have the mental make up? I don’t know? Is he tough enough (NFL tough)? Again, I don’t know. We’ve seen two guys who can’t get the job done. We see playmakers who push refs into DBs while tracking the ball to roll into the end zone. The OL isn’t great but with better pocket awareness and at least the threat of being able to make a long pass to one of our burners has to help. Does Sammy have a quick release? No, he has an off over the top throwing motion. He is also an RPO QB. He looks to run. Perhaps this is what they are worried about. Sam will run into someone who will welcome him to NFL….IR. If this is the case, and only this, I get it. His scouting report says he has decent accuracy at ALL THREE LEVELS!!!! When have we had that at QB? To me even if he is a gunslinger with his body. He represents our best chance to win. New T shirt people; Sam what the Howell!

The problem with this organization is they’ve collectively failed over and over again to learn from the Rita and others history of mistakes. We need a QB, well let’s call up every NFL team, putting the league on notice how desperate we are for a QB. Let’s trash players before trading them, let’s hold onto players who don’t want to be here getting either nothing or a basic 4th rounder for their departure. The further away history is, the harder it is to see. But if one can squint their eyes, it would appear that the clock is about to strike midnight, signaling an approach of a new day! Let’s hope what comes to follow isn’t more of the same.