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Ron Rivera Presser: It’s not panic time, but there is a sense of urgency

Ron Rivera speaks to the media after today’s loss to the Titans

Ron Rivera

Ball at the 2 yard line:

“Well, we had to get the ball out quick. So, you can’t develop certain types of plays when the ball is at the two-yard line, and you only have so much time left.”

Benching William Jackson:

The team moving forward:

“Well, we’re going to play better, we’re going to practice harder, we’re going to go out and play football.”

Changes moving forward:

“We’ll see what we’re going to do after we have an opportunity to review the film.”

Brian Robinson:

Carson Wentz:

“I thought he had his moments. There were some things that he did really really well. I thought he threw the ball deep. The second touchdown, Dyami, that was a check-with-me and he audibled, called the play and threw it. That was a good decision and stepping into that role. Again, it’s just things that we need to work on.”

Final pass:

“Well, I think he was looking at a wide-open JD until the linebacker, who read it perfectly and made a hell of a play, made a play.”

Rolling Wentz out on the final goal line series:

“Well, the only problem with that, again, is the amount of time it takes. When you roll out, it’s going to take a little bit longer, and eventually if you have to throw it away, you clip a few more seconds off and don’t give yourselves an opportunity.”

Short week:

“Well, Monday we’ll get the opportunity to watch tape really quick as coaches, we’ve already done a little bit of work on Chicago as far as just putting some basic stuff together. We’ll bring the players in at two and we’ll start on Chicago from that point on.”

Clock management:

Decision to not call his final two timeouts at the end of the first half:

“Because they started moving the ball forward. And, instead of just slowing it down so they could take the opportunity to think about what they wanted to do. We also thought we would go in and reset ourselves because we were getting the ball to begin the half.”

If he thought about taking the final timeouts at the end of the half:

“I did think about it. But, again, you’re backed up and if you get in a hole and give them an opportunity to score as well, that’s two ways to think of it.”

If he had back-to-back plays called after the final timeout on the last drive:

“Well, part of it, coming out of it, just depends on what the situation sort of says to do with the ball. Okay? I called back-to-back because, again, when the referee went down to the ground, I was trying to yell timeout, but he was obviously down on the ground. If he doesn’t give me a signal, we don’t know whether the clock is dead or not, and then as soon as we knew the clock wasn’t dead, we had to call the timeout.”

If he called back-to-back plays:

“Well, part of what we did was, you’ve got to understand, you just don’t call plays to call plays. You have to have a play and you’re going forward. It’s not always just calling plays to have plays.”

Scott Turner being in the booth as opposed to being on the field:

“That’s one of the things you look at what you’re seeing, the excitement of what’s going on, on the sideline, it’s a little calmer in the box. Probably a better situation for him to look at things looking down.”

Struggles of the offensive line:

“I see a constant mixture of players. There’s no continuity in terms of the same five guys every week, or four of the five. When you constantly have some sort of shuffle going on, it’s tough to get some continuity, especially from the beginning. Now if this was later in the year, you’d like to think that there’s a number of guys who have been playing out there, been working together. When you insert one guy it’s an easier transition than two or three that you have to mix in and out.”

Keeping the locker room positive after the loss:

“We’re going to continue to talk about becoming who we think we can. We’re going to talk about working to get better, and we’re going to talk about that. We’re not going to back down from what we’re trying to do, it’s hard. It’s difficult, and there’s nothing easy about this game.”

Not panic time:

For you, maybe it is. Not for me, because there’s plenty of football left to play. We’re going to work our butts off to get better. That’s all we can do. That’s the truth of the matter. If you work, and continue to work, and continue to work, eventually it’s going to change and that’s what we’re trying to do, we’re trying to change it. This is never going to happen overnight, it’s never going to happen overnight. When’s it going to happen? I don’t know. But I will say, I don’t disagree with some of the thought processes. There is a sense of urgency, and I hope everybody in that locker room has the same sense that I have.”

Tannehill first down:

Carson Wentz

Final plays:

“Tough, tough, very frustrating, and obviously an emotional roller coaster. You’re feeling very confident there and your ability to go down and moving the ball, converting to stay on the field and you get first and goal from the 2 and your thinking we’ve got this, We’ve got a couple chances here and hats off to them they made a couple good plays and it’s definitely frustrating and kind of stings a little bit extra because I thought we had it.”


“Yeah, the guy made a heck of a play. A least from my vantage point it looked like he was kind of covering Terry a little bit on the crossing route and I just tried to squeeze it in there to J.D. Guy made a heck of a play, that was an emotional rollercoaster, because I thought we had six points, then it left my hand and the result, that was it unfortunately.”

Dyami Brown:

“The coverages dictated where to go with the ball and ton of confidence in him. We’ve seen him do that all of OTAs, training camp and obviously his opportunity has been limited in season but for him to step up like that today with those two big ones, that was awesome to see but at the same time I’m not surprised. If there’s anyone on this team, he’s been doing that and hats off to him for stepping up.”

Brown playing more in the rotation:

“Obviously we’ll see what happens, I thought he did a fantastic job on those couple of plays today. We feel we got some depth there that always serves us well. Hopefully he can but at the same time we’re excited to get Jahan [Dotson] back and we can see them both in.”

Short week:

“We have no choice we’re going to be in there tomorrow getting ready because it is a short week. You must learn from it and there was a lot of good things today so a lot of things we can keep building on, still must clean up a lot, some of the penalties and communication wise we must clean those things up especially at home, that can’t happen. I can help in those scenarios as well. We must talk through those things, get those things cleaned up and hopefully go play fast on Thursday.”

Dug a hole:

“We have dug a hole but at the same time there’s a lot to play, a lot of games left, a lot of football and the NFL is crazy so for us, don’t look at all that. We try not to look at what happened the last couple of games and what’s ahead we just must be 1-0 each week and focus on what’s ahead of us. You’re right, we have dug ourselves a hole, we did it to ourselves, but we have to bounce back and get the dub.”

Brian Robinson’s return to the field:

“Yeah, it was awesome. I think, just emotionally, I think everyone was pretty fired just to see him back out there. Again, seeing him run out of the tunnel and the fans’ reaction and all that. It gives me goosebumps, just knowing again, kind of remove yourself from football. Much bigger, much bigger and a blessing for him to be out there and so, I think we’re all excited to have him out there. I don’t know numbers–wise, all that, stats, I’m not sure how it played out, but I know emotionally guys were happy to see him in the huddle.”

Turning things around:

“Yeah, I thought guys did a good job. We had some depth, guys stepped up today, showed us some depth. The guys never quit. Even though we had some mistakes, shot our self in the foot a couple too many times, we still had the fight in us to go down there and have a chance to win against a really good football team. And so, I thought we showed our ability to score quickly and be dynamic as an offense, all of those things, defense stepped up when we needed it. A lot of things that we can build from and learn from and hopefully we are going to build and learn from them and turn them into a win sooner or later.”

Changes that need to be made to win games could be easy fixes?:

“I think so. At the same time, I haven’t watched film yet, hard to say fully. I know some of the penalties and just communication things are for sure easy fixes and things that I can help out with. So, I’m confident we will get those things fixed and get it ironed out. But as a whole, we have got to watch the tape and learn from it, but I know we are right there. There’s a lot of good football teams in this league and we have just got to find a way to get a win and save course.”

Brian Robinson

Getting back on the field:

“I feel good, man. I really can’t really explain the feeling. It’s just being back out on the field. I mean, the ups and downs, but today everything finally came into the light. I’m just so blessed to be back out there with all the fans, the team, everybody involved.”

Running out of the tunnel:

“That was great. Feeling all of the energy from the fans, obviously everyone who missed the time I was gone. My teammates waiting on me at the end of the tunnel, that was one of those remarkable feelings. I can’t even really explain it.”


My teammates, they’ve been the best for me. Honestly, they’ve been bringing all the energy that I’ve needed ever since the accident. Since my first time coming back to see those guys at the building, they’ve just welcomed me with open arms and showed me nothing but love. They’ve just shown me how much they’ve appreciated my presence on this team and I felt that today. I have great teammates, we have a great bond in that locker room and I just look forward to continuing to build onto that.”

Defense when he was on the field:

Kind of. I kind of felt like they played in run fits a little bit more when I was in the game. They kind of expect me to run the ball. That’s why I can help in the play-action game. We had a big play to Dyami, ran a long play off of play-action where they bit down on it and thought it was going to be a run play. It shows you the effect that the play-action game can help the receiving game when you have a threat to run the ball.”

Living out the dream:

Jonathan Allen




Terry McLaurin

Final drive:

“We have to find a way to get that into the end zone. We did a great job executing the two-minute drive, getting down there in scoring position. It’s really for not, so that’s something as an offense that we have to find a way to win the game, that’s all you can ask for in that situation. We fell short so we definitely have to do a better job finishing that drive. I was happy that we at least got it down there.”

Missed pass interference calls:

“You’re gonna get held sometimes, it’s happened for the last few weeks. I just try to be more physical so it’s more obvious. I mean I can’t really focus on what the refs are going to call or not call, but for me I’m just trying to focus on being as physical as I can be on top of the routes in press situations.”

Carson Wentz:


Dyami Brown

Two touchdowns:

“Performance wise, I felt good, but you know it’s a loss. Just go back and watch a film. We’ve got a short week coming up to get ready, and it’s on to Chicago.”

First NFL touchdown:

“Oh man, it’s been a year and a half. A year and a half, but it’s a blessing. I’m thankful for it and it’s just the beginning.”

William Jackson


Back injury:

J.D. McKissic

Brian Robinson Jr. back on the field:

“When it happened, I texted Brian. I told Brian ‘Your story is going to be amazing.’ You know, just what he’s been through and the type of kid he is and I know how hard he works. I’m gonna say how great he is. We’ve got a great group of running backs. You only want to see a guy like that do good, so when his time is coming, he’s gonna be B-Rob. We’ve got some great backs, I hate to brag on one guy.”

Robinson Jr.’s tunnel entrance:

“How many guys ran out? Was it twelve? I know I come out as well. I was willing to not even come out and let him get my spot because I know how amazing of a moment it is. That’s the type of guy I am for him, I just want to see him do great. It was great to see him get the chance to run out and the fans were embracing it. I’m sure he felt good.”

How close the team is to turning things around?:

“We’re very close. You’ve just got to turn it on. I think we’re very close”

Digging too deep of a hole?:

“You can dig yourself into a deep hole, but it’s still very early. If it was in week ten, twelve, we’re putting ourselves in a bad position. Right now, we’ve got a chance. The locker room is great.”

If the locker room could ever become tense:

“No, don’t worry about it. We’ve got good leaders in there. They will approach that bad apple, as soon as it happens. These guys are staying focused and we have a great team.”