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Thank God It’s Tuesday—After the Whistle S4:E5 (1st Qtr Report Card)

Kevin, Tim and Ken cover DC’s home team on—and off—the gridiron as the Washington Commanders attempt to make this a memorable 2022 season.

NFL: SEP 25 Eagles at Commanders Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If I know you all like I think I do, there are a number of you who became expert at beating your parents to your quarterly report cards. Maybe you were able to fool them with a slick grade change. Maybe you were able to convince them the school decided not to hand out grades anymore. Maybe you just wanted to buy yourself one more weekend without the punishment that was coming from a terrible first quarter.

We’re going to need all of your help this week. (The whiskey helps.)

Tonight, on After the Whistle, our Commanders after show, we will be searching for any way to hand out a couple of solid A’s...and as it turns out, there are at least a couple (as in...maybe two:

One thing is for certain: the first quarter is over, and we’re down. What else is new?

We will be calling tonight’s Mary Jo White Fan Club meeting to order around 8:45 PM—if you know, you know.

Thanks to folks like you, we have one of the best comment boards anywhere, so please join in the conversation, and help us separate what is real from what isn’t:

Hit the board on the show link and help us get this one done on tonight’s episode of Thank God It’s Tuesday.

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