The Problem with 'Sam as Savior'

Most of our fanbase doesn't watch college football, but still like to speak loudly and authoritatively about players based purely on draft analyst praise and pre-season games.

Everyone stating that it's time to put Sam Howell in for Wentz to somehow make up for a disastrous offensive line are uninformed and misguided. The NFL scouting report on Howell is that he holds onto the ball too long and takes too many sacks! Does that sound like anyone else who plays QB for this team?

I also haven't heard one fan or media member state the fact that Howell was the 4th-most sacked QB in the entire NCAA of 131 teams last year! He was sacked, not one, not two, not 20 but 47 times! 47 sacks with nine interceptions and seven fumbles:

Add that he's barely 6 feet tall and is NOT the dynamic runner a Jalen Hurts or Lamar Jackson is, and throwing him in now would be a recipe for disaster! In fact, he never ran nor played well against top NCAA talent. His lack of footspeed and tendency to hold onto the ball would only be pronounced against NFL defenses and this offensive line. He might even break his NCAA record!

I want to also be clear on this: I know that Drew Brees is 6 feet tall but, despite him having a strong arm - he’s an excellent baseball player… that’s where the arm comes from - Howell is NOT the dynamic passer nor has the natural pocket movement and awareness of Drew Brees! He’s NOT that guy! I'm old enough to have watched Brees in college and he simply doesn't project to Brees!

So, given facts and the data, the drumbeat to put him in for Wentz to win games behind this offensive line is illogical and would only pile onto the historic fiasco this season already is!

The only reason for the franchise to make a change to Heineke at some point this season would be to keep Wentz from playing 70% of the snaps and handing the Colts our 2nd round pick in next year's draft instead of the 3rd we currently owe them! Let Howell ease into his NFL career as a good backup who can start a couple of games for you occasionally. He's more Chase Daniel than Drew Brees, but there's nothing wrong with that.