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Commanders Vs. Cowboys - Studs and Duds

NFL: Washington Commanders at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday’s 25-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on the road at Jerry’s World marked the second straight game where Washington was manhandled by a division rival.

This entire team under Rivera’s leadership (or any coach for that matter), is the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results!

To some of you fans - kudos; I don’t know how you continue to support this burning garbage heap!

Anyways - on to the Studs and Duds, followed by some notes...


Jon Allen - Once again, Allen was a beast up front. He led the team (yep, you read that right), in tackles with eight total, and had a staggering four for a loss, including one sack!

John Bates - This is not about his meager four catches for 19 yards in garbage time. This is all about his blocking. Although not perfect, Bates made key blocks on BOTH long runs we mustered on the ground (McKissic’s 33 yarder and Williams’ 23 yarder). I know - I’m reaching here a bit folks, but play along please...

Joey Slye - Joey made his first field goal attempt of the season! Hurray!!!!!

Commanders Fans - Those who continue to come back week after week to endure this trash - I salute you! This team is like an abusive relationship that you just can’t seam to leave.


The ENTIRE Coaching Staff - It’s absolutely baffling how poorly this team is prepared, how egregiously undisciplined both sides of the ball are, and how stubborn this staff is to make adjustments and changes.

This square peg in the round hole thing we’ve been attempting isn’t working - but even the late Helen Keller could tell you that!

The ENTIRE Offensive Line (bullet point format with video evidence) -

  • Sam Cosmi currently leads the NFL in blown blocks
  • Both Leno and Norwell are tied for third in the NFL in blown blocks
  • Trai Turner was so bad he was benched in favor of Saahdiq Charles - who was just “slightly” better
  • Norwell and Leno were seen hugging during a play yesterday

William Jackson III - After sitting out last week due to injury, WJ3 returned to the starting lineup and proceeded to put a hell of a stench on the secondary! He was beaten badly on several occasions - the worst being on Lamb’s touchdown, where he later claimed he was playing outside leverage because he expected safety help inside. He was flagged three times during the game for pass interference or illegal contact.

Kendall Fuller - Fuller continues to lay eggs all over the field no matter where coaces try to hide him.

Misc. - Washington had 11 accepted penalties for a whopping 136 yards!

I don’t know quite where to pin the blame, so I’ll go:

60% - Coaching - this team is so poorly coached and is undisciplined

40% - The players who actually committed the penalties

*we can debate this in the comments section


- Carson Wentz was bad...not going to say otherwise, however, I don’t know what we can expect of ANY quarterback asked to play behind THIS offensive line with THIS lack of an effective running game. Please, take a quick look at my clips above in the offensive line dude line-up!

Heading into this game, the Commanders had given up the most sacks and QB hits in the NFL and gave up the 2nd most pressures!

- Jamin Davis was beat in coverage again by a slot receiver (this time Lamb) - but you show me any off-the-ball linebacker not named Parsons who can cover a slot receiver who is that talented. This is a SCHEME issue.

- If you take a quick glance at the box score, you may think we actually ran the football well...we didn’t. The 33 yard scamper by McKissic and the 23 yard rumble by Williams skewed what was a pretty lack-luster day.

- Daron Payne continues to play very well in this, his contract year. I’d put money on it that THIS staff allows him to walk at season’s end and brings in a former Panther to replace him!

- The route Dotson ran on his touchdown was filthy! The pass was absolutely perfect too.

- Our safeties continue to put themselves in positions to NOT make plays!

- Cole Holcomb, although I thought he played better against Dallas, continues to struggle in the open field. He missed a tackle on a 3rd and 5 play on the first drive that saw Elliot gain a chunk of yards on a pass to the left flat.

- Where are our Tight Ends? And I don’t mean in garbage time... Logan doesn’t look like himself. Why are we not seeing Rogers or Turner?