Ron is done

Three years in, saying no rebuild requires, we look less complete than we’ve ever been. We have talent, we have some bright spots, but overall just a poor job of roster management and the cap ramifications have not surfaced yet. Ron tried to throw crazy money at Cooper, Brandon, has paid Terry and Allen which I agree with. Payne is up and looks great, but we can’t. We are so far off, if I’m a fresh GM strapping into this, everyone is for sale. Terry was a steal, but without a QB, why pay a WR? Allen is a stud but without a compete defense, what good is he? I can’t say I have all the answers. I’d likely keep what I could and trash heap the rest. Some difficult choices ahead and I have zero confidence in Wright or Danny to do what needs to be done.

The GM has to have the power, not the HC. It’s on the GM to find the coach he wants to work with. Danny goes and picks his guys. 20+ years of Einsteins definition of insanity at play. It’s time Danny, pass the torch or whatever it is you’re smoking and let the competent men do their job.

Its time to sit Wentz once his thresh hold of games come because what’s the point of surrendering a second if we aren’t in the playoff hunt? Howell time if they are smart. Elevate him to two, and have Taylor work with him to get the O down.