Ron Rivera traded for Wentz who was about to be cut anyway. Two thirds with the future third rising to a possible second, and they are ALL of his salary! He said at the time he did his due diligence and Carson was a franchise QB. He also said it changed his plan at 11. Less than a month ago, when faced with the reality that his had picked coaches and players were a failure, Ron had one response, "QUARTERBACK". Wow! Now two useless wins later, the same old song of just enough hope to slam the door shut in your face, maybe a few fingers get caught in this door in the process. We have seen this for twenty plus years. Yet, fans seem to always fall for the cheap thrill. Someone said to me yesterday sorry for the win. He’s a good blogger imo too. It’s just like wow. It’s one thing for them to do the same thing over and over and fail and don’t even try to change. It’s a completely different condition to believe this EVERY YEAR!!!!! What does a few cheap wins with Taylor I almost turned the ball over five times Taylor. This offense seems to operate better with the guy who may or may not be a NFL QB. What I saw last year no. I just don’t see it. I wanted to see it. I asked to see it. Yeah, no mas! Now, Ron sees his chance to try to weasel into another year of bullshit. Who cares, right Ronny?

Next year, I don’t really see a clear cut number one slam dunk QB. I don’t. We wait for that. And we pull an Indy Colts lol. In the mean time, we should likely try to shed salary as much as possible and while picking up draft capital. I’m all for keeping captains like Terry and Allen and anyone on a rookie contract who wants that contact should be paid if we can. Imo. That’s culture. You guys figure it out as a team. But you can’t just pay players and not win. Carson numbers don’t look bad, but we saw the games!!!! That’s Carson. That’s Taylor. So who is this other guy? Right now, can we beat the Bills, can we beat the Eagles? Can we beat the Cowboys? Can we beat the Giants? I don’t feel confident. I saw two very, very lucky wins take place. Then I saw fans talking about a wildcard. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. Do you really believe this is a good direction? When he was first traded for he was a franchise QB. That’s a quote!!!! Less than a motnth ago, Ron made a statement he had to apologize for. Ron has hand picked this team. He couldn’t keep Brandon. He didn’t signs crazy crazy deal but 16 million for a G who can miss huge amounts of chunk time. We just didn’t have the luxury. I’m all for building the trenches, just that was too much. We miss Brandon though, but that was not a good move either imo. He wasn’t trying to sign here anyway.

We didn’t really make any moves in FA and we didn’t restructure Wentz contract signaling maybe this regime didn’t have faith in him. They wanted that parachute to help with the crash. We won a game with the QB throwing for under 100 yards. That may be a first since the 50-60s. That’s just insane. Taylor should’ve easily been picked four times. He threw a pick six, he fumbled for a score that was called back. After the game, Taylor’s a gamer! We already knew this. I hope they are letting Howell get first reps, Taylor’s just going out there and splaying his play ground style. I gotta say, it’s exciting, but exciting like getting chased by a hungry tiger. It’s terrifying watching Carson drop back, no need to adjust your speed, he’s really that slow. Lol. Holy shit he’s slow! He not weak though. I love Wentz! That man can throw one hell of a pancake lol. He just can’t get the pass out fast enough. If an OL can give him 5 seconds consistently, he’s dangerous. He’s a statue tho. Taylor. That man is insane. We will do the same as Wentz but he’s not slow. Taylor would be the Russian roulette champion. The guy is just that damned lucky. He must be the illegitimate son of the football Gods. The pick hits them square in the chest bounces off the guys chest and is caught for a Tad. Taylor is fearless because he’s playing with house money. The guys amazing, but like I said, he’s going to win us games we have no business winning, he is going to break our hearts by losing games we should win. Let’s at least see what’s Howell is. This team has some pieces, but it’s time for this regime to stick up picks, make as many as possible and build some talent pipelines. Free agents should always be mid level high character guys. Never chance a star.

Those who never learn from history, own a franchise in Washington DC, refuse to sell despite a rebelling face base who is openly petitioning for Danny to sell the team. Cap took a knee, at the suggestion of his special forces team mate who misspoke for the entire military branch. Regardless he was open about his intentions. So someone who hides behind NDAs, lies, and scandals upon scandals is getting a a pass while that man was in essence banned. I’m not saying what Cap did was right. I disagree with how he went about his cause. There is bad police, but wearing pigs socks is just as bad as stopping a car by the race of its occupants. GODell was hauled in front on Congress and looked rather uncomfortable. He basically passed the buck. Did the senate defend to speak with the other NFL owners to ask why they didn’t ban Dan? No. Why? Lol I bet I know why. Those are probably some of the most powerful people. Much more powerful than Dan. They televised the Roger questioning. Danny’s was totally private. So no one was interrupting to praise their party and demean the other side. They probably had lobster tail and wine.

Dan is going to be the owner until he is either forced to sell, relocates the entire team (unlikely with his name attached), or gets his new stadium and sees a way to profit billions. If he’s holding out to profit, while I don’t like it, I get it. In his shoes, I’d do the same thing. If he is really trying to pass this team on to his children, I don’t know if I can continue to follow this team. If this is really what he brings, I don’t see how any fan that loves this game can be a fan of this. Someone get this man a stadium or vote him out. I can bet if that fans could vote it would almost be 100%. Unfortunately, I have about as much faith in the leadership of this country, of the NFL, or the Hobbit they pulled out of JRs novel to investigate the reports. She has already submitted two different reports. They are just waiting to see if they can get away with letting this slide. Thank you ESPN. You’ve sucked since First take, but, keep shining light on Danny. For as long as he is the owner, we will miss the playoffs, again. We will mismanage our talent, again. Danny is the NFLs court jester, but aren’t your tired of his strikingly consistent knack for mediocrity. Again? Oh for like 20 years or so…haven’t we seen this before? Ron said, I don’t have the patience for a five year rebuild. Less than a month when faced with some tough questions, he said, well the players change. When the player change so does five years. And what is five years? Who cares, right? Bruce still has his beat when he embraced the creepy side and said our culture is dammmnned good. Ron, when someone puts a gun to your head, you’re the head coach, they say, I’m gonna kill you or one of your players. You take the bullet! That’s your job! Ron pointed to Wentz. This is where Ron can’t even say the word culture again. Ever again.