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Ron Rivera Presser: “You can win pretty, you can win ugly, if you’re going to win ugly who cares”

Ron Rivera speaks to the media after beating the Packers 23-21

Ron Rivera

Team win:

Winning ugly or winning pretty:

Pass rush:

Christian Holmes:

Overturned fumble-6:

Chase Young:

Taylor Heinicke

Win over the Packers:

Aaron Rodgers:


Terry McLaurin:

Touchdown to Terry:


Terry McLaurin

3rd down catch:


Turning it around:

Taylor Heinicke:

Hungry dogs:

Stay ready:

Winning’s fun:

Curtis Samuel

Taylor Heinicke:

Bobby McCain

Tress Way:


Benjamin St-Juste



Cole Holcomb

Improving defense:

Taylor Heinicke:

Charles Leno Jr.

Win against the Packers:

Taylor Heinicke:

Cornelius Lucas

Knee injury:

Tress Way

Taylor Heinicke: