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Heinicke is QB1 for now, but should Wentz be re-inserted as the starter when healthy again?

The Commanders had a brewing quarterback controversy before Wentz’s injury. But with Wentz sidelined for at least four weeks, should he return as the starter when he is healthy again?

Washington Commanders v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Six games into Carson Wentz's audition with the Commanders, Washington is already focused on other quarterbacks on the roster. However, the quarterback controversy is not just stemming from Wentz injuring his finger; his performance before the injury and during the game against the Chicago Bears warranted a conversation about a quarterback change.

Wentz's doctor expects the quarterback to miss at least the next four weeks; in turn, Taylor Heinicke will start in his place. But what about after four weeks; when will Washington re-assess the quarterback situation according to Wentz's recovery timeline?

Should the Commanders go back to Carson Wentz when he is healthy?

It'll first come down to their record and if Heinicke can win a couple of games while also elevating the offense's production above what it currently is. Rivera is confident that Heinicke's knowledge of the offense can stabilize things.

"You see it. Like today we had a route out there, and one of the guys could have done something a little different, and Taylor right away explained it to him, and you see that just because of his background in this. I mean, he's been in it since Minnesota when he was with the Vikings way back when. So, he's got a very good knowledge of it. And you saw it during the regular season when he was the backup going up to players and explaining certain things to them. He's very solid in this." - Ron Rivera on Heinicke helping the team through his knowledge of the offense.

If the Commanders record pushes them further away within the division and, indirectly, the wild card race during this four-game stretch, what are the Commanders options then? A more complex conversation will occur if the Commanders are 2-8 or 3-7 after four games with Heinicke.

Ron Rivera and Scott Turner could either go the rookie option and give quarterback Sam Howell the last seven games to evaluate his development or go back to Wentz and, despite the 70 percent snap threshold, determine if he is the future of this offense.

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