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Throwing 40-plus pass attempts has never worked in Wentz’s career, yet he has had four of those games in Washington.

Washington has to rebalance the offense moving forward and has a good opportunity to do so against the Chicago Bears

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Washington Commanders Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Generally speaking, throwing over 40 pass attempts is never an ideal situation that you want to put any quarterback in. While it is a nuance as to why a team can throw so many times in a game, it suggests a heavy imbalance in your offense. With Carson Wentz in recent years, the Colts recognized the need to stay balanced, throwing over 40 times just twice in 17 games. Obviously, having a solid offensive line and top-tier running back will influence the play-caller's willingness to throw the football. However, when the Colts did get put in situations where they threw 40-plus passes in a game, they lost both of them.

Furthermore, Indianapolis also went 0-5 overall when Wentz threw 35-plus passes. Alternatively, the Colts were 9-3 when Wentz threw less than 35 passes that year. In his career, Wentz has had 33 games where he threw 40 or more passes; his record is 8-24-1 in those outings. Washington has contributed to that record in the first quarter of the season, going 1-3 in the four games he's had over 40 pass attempts.

Luckily for Washington and Wentz, the Bears present an excellent opportunity to re-establish balance in their offense. Chicago's defense has allowed the second-most rushing yards on the season and ranks 24th in yards per attempt in the NFL. Washington is also facing one of the worst rush defenses in the league in explosive plays allowed.

It's undoubtedly my number one key to the Commanders vs. Bears matchup tonight, and it should be the same for Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner, too.