Fuller to FS

Our offense is dreadful. I would love for the defensive staff to work with what they have rather than the team pick another defensive player in the first round...unless it's Kyle Hamilton. He's really the only exception. I personally think Reaves is right there, and given another off-season to develop he could quite possibly be the average starter at FS that many of us envision he can be.

If Reaves isn't the answer (likely), I really hope we move Fuller back to FS. Trust in young St Juice, he looked good at times and his improvement will be linear. Will Jackson struggled at times but we have to live with his play.

Fuller back to FS will shore up our DB group. Curl and Collins can both play low in the box, and Curl can play 2-high when needed. Collins can pretend he's the second strong safety out there (sure buddy, whatever you wanna be called, as long as you never sit on the back line of the defense).

What do you all think? Would you rather keep Fuller at CB and invest resources into a new FS?