The conflict of Taylor Heinikie

As my son and I watched The WFT QB play this fall, it was hard not to root for him. After the game against Tampa last year, he needed a shot. We were excited just to have the CHARACTER of a guy like that playing for our team. And that thought CANNOT be lost, in my opinion, in this post or in the discussion of Taylor.

I have seen other posts on Taylor, breaking down film where he overthrows guys, misses open targets, and throws passes that woulda/shoulda/coulda have been interceptions. They are not good QB decisions.

But that's not why we love Taylor Heinkie. We love him because of the way he plays the game. And lets not skip over that point. It is what people want to see today. People, like myself, are tired of what professional sports has become. I am a bigger basketball sport fan than football, and I just can't watch the NBA anymore. It is too much of a selfish, superstar-sport, that has lost the art of team ball. But I digress...What I mean is we love Heikilie because of the heart to which he plays the game, the courage, the reckless desire to win. And that means something on the football field too.

My point is this. That "IT" factor is more valuable than a big strong armed quarterback.

Lets face it. I hear people talk about the need to go out and get one. As if they are just there on trees. Have you ever heard the name Dwayne Haskins? Jason Campbell? get the idea. If you have been a fan long enough, a bunch of other names are going through your head.

Other positives of Taylor

1. His teammates LOVE him. Rivera knows how important this is. Thats why Jon Allen said he NEEDS to be our QB. Thats why, while the coaches have faith in Kyle Allen, they are STILL going with Heinike. They believe he has the bigger upside, and gives the team the best chance to win.

2. He throws passes only a few NFL QBs can make. While he doesn't have the strongest arm (and that could be considered an understatement), did you see the throw he made against Philly with a guy in his face IMMEDIATELY after receiving the football? Name me more than 5 QBs that can make that pass. I'll wait. He also made a similar sidearm throw around a defender vs Dallas early in that game. The point is, he makes some great throws.

3. At one point in the season (about a month ago) he was in the top 10 NFL QBs for some pretty important numbers, including completion percentage, QBR, and comeback wins.

This post isn't to defend a QB who lost 56-14 or whatever ungodly score it was. Or that they have lost the last few games,, I hate making excuses for the team, but when someone puts it on a single guy, I don't have the stomach for it...playing 4th string centers and corners! Or the previous losing streak when the defense was one of the worst in the NFL, and he was getting little help from the rest of the offense.

Now I'm not saying go get a QB if one is available at their spot in the draft. Im just saying don't overpay for one, when you haven't put a complete team around a guy whose both character AND play justifies at least a discussion of giving him another chance.

I am wondering what it would be like to give him a second WR, A starting RB who is healthy, (and a healthier offense in general), and see what he can do. He will not be Tom Brady. But this might be our best shot of not losing out again on a guy like Cousins, while being able to give him an entire cast around him.

What if we went into the draft and got a Mike, a free safety, a Big WR and a LT? Being a percentage healthier, and giving our young guys another year of seasoning, could be the best recipe for success. I don't expect that to happen, and if a guy they believe in like Corral is there at their pick, by all means, take him. But lets please put the WE ABSOLUTELY NEED A QB AND ALL OUR WORRIES ARE GONE TO REST. He might be the best QB outside of Cousins we have had this millennium.