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Update: Joe Theismann says he doesn’t know new name; if it’s Commanders people will get excited about it if they win

Is it Wednesday yet?

Joe Theismann “Ride Of Fame” Induction Ceremony Photo by Leah Puttkammer/Getty Images

Update: Joe Theismann claims he doesn’t know the team’s new name

Joe Theismann was interviewed by Damon Amendolara for CBS Sports and seems to have spoiled the Washington Football Team’s plans for the new name reveal on the Today Show, which is scheduled for Wednesday(2/2/22!). Below is the transcript and the audio. Judge for yourselves. Go Commanders?!?!

JT: I think the Commanders is a name that is going to be one that hopefully people like going forward.

DA: So you like the Commanders as the new team name huh?

JT: Ya, I mean there were so many different options, but once again it’s trademark infringement. It’s getting approval from different people. If you choose a name, is there a group out there that’s not going to like it? I mean, there’s so many things that you have to consider. Commander — basically it’s Washington D.C. A lot of commanders in Washington D.C. and the Pentagon, and a lot of different branches of the service. So that’s the way I’m looking at it, as positions of leadership when it comes to the new name.

DA: I dig it. I dig it, I think it will be cool too, and the old colors are still there so it should be good. We’ve seen some of the patches of the uniform with that hype video. I think the uniform looks kind of classy and streamlined from what I can tell from the video. It’s not too noisy, it seems pretty classy so I think it’ll look good.

JT: The big key, DA, is this: if you win people are going to get excited about it; if you lose, people are going to be upset about it. That’s the way you do it. That’s the bottom line in our business. If you win, people are going to say, ‘You know, I like that, I can cheer for that. Commanders, ya.’ But if you lose, it’s like ’ Why did they do that? I’m not happy with that name.’ I’ve always said this; football is a microcosm of society — everything that happens in society. All the issues. All the problems. They exist in our little world of 3,000 people roughly, 2,000-3,000 people. It’s always a reflection of what’s going on in society. If things go well everybody’s happy.