Early Mock of season:

Well, we are out. Our loss to Philly sealed it. Let’s move forward. Regardless who we keep, what coaches are left, we need a QB who can spread the field. None of the draft guys are coming in and making it to the playoffs. We have many looming questions on resigning guys. This is my best attempt to put together a possible team that can win. I didn’t cut anyone. So that left the team with 50+ in cap. I resigned Leno for swing T and Kizz. I let Lucas go to find some respect on his name. Last game was enough for me, he’s got to go. In FA, I splurged on two guys: Goodwin 12/4=48, 30 guaranteed, may not work, but you get the idea. A chain mover to couple with Terry, Samuel, Brown, Miline, and whatever else we’ve got. Godwin is young too. Marcus Smith, FS….he got 9/4, 36, and 24 guaranteed. The others were the LT from Eagles I signed to a team friendly 8/4 32, 16 guaranteed, Marcus Mariottoa 8/2 16 8 mil guaranteed, signed a back in Connor, 3/4 8 mil guaranteed, and that’s it, sitting at roughly 20 mil to get deals done that we need. Going into draft there’s needs at LB, DB, QB, HB, and just about everything else let’s be real. G….

Draft: you already know I traded back, three times, I had my eye on mid round guys. PSU LB, UNC QB, TAM TE, S Bama WR, Iowa State HB, GA DB (zone), and I’d like to shore up DL if I can.

40. Howell, QB, UNC, the guy has arm, he has smarts, he struggled this year. Questions, questions, questions….

44. Smith, LB, PSU, fast, smart, big, sounds like an ILB to me from LB U.

45. Kendrick, DB, GA zone based DB, locked down one side of field in SEC. Fingers crossed we need a shut down guy.

55. Smith, G, VT, Brandon’s less expensive replacement. Stay healthy and play good, you will get 30 million

in two years of half time work.

71. Hall, RB, Iowa State, good RB work horse.

111. Mathis, DT, Bama….Paynes or Settles replacement

236. Hicks, LB, UTSA, a sleeper in case Jamin really does suck.