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The Cult Of Colt: Is A Winning Culture Possible Without Wins?

Aw heck, you know how the name game goes!

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NFL: Washington Football Team at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

On this edition of the Cult of Colt, we’ve reached the “manic acceptance” stage of grief and made the affirmative choice to not wallow in our misery (well, not too much at least.) We cover a lot of ground in the shadow of the final home contest of the Washington Football Team era of the franchise and instead choose to look to the future.

We finally found some uncommon ground in the context of the sudden ouster of Antonio Brown in Tampa Bay, namely should WFT fans want him on the team, and what, exactly, does it mean when we hear from the likes of Ron Rivera and Jason Wright that they are attempting to “build a culture” in this franchise? It feels quite convenient to not define the problem — is it that they have crummy guys with bad attitudes who don’t win, or is it simply that not winning is the problem itself? While a guy like AB might be a solution to the latter issue, if you believe that a positive culture is independent of winning on the field, then at what point does having “good guys” trump having winners?

Finally, the news of the week is that there is finally a date to circle on the calendar to end our longstanding national nightmare — 2/2/22 is very nearly upon us and the WFT will be... something else going forward. The rumors swirling are seemingly pointing in one of two directions (Commanders and Admirals.)

For us, and for a sizable portion of the (online) fanbase, these choices are uninspiring at best. We discuss our feelings of the legitimacy of the team’s claims that there were seemingly insurmountable challenges to attain what at least a plurality of the fanbase was hoping for in the Redwolves name. Finally, we engaged in a little thought exercise to choose what we would pick as the team’s name if we were choosing from scratch (and not picking among the names that have already been discussed and at this point seemingly jettisoned.)

What team name (not among the stated choices given previously) would you choose if given your druthers? Let us know in the comments below.

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