Will it be better next year?

The first half slump, the second half rise, and Covid. Is it really Covid? I mean we are down players so I guess we won’t know until next year. Eagles game, win or lose, this team is about to change. We’ve all seen how one player on either side of the ball can just disrupt the flow of everything for opposing teams, imagine having half your best players taken out at the same time. It’s not just us, it’s others too. Right when it mattered, right when you start to get hope once again on a failed year. These last two decades of pro football have been brutal to even the loyalists. I guess if you still root for this team, it speaks volume on your character! Loyalty is a forgotten art these days, there’s always a silver lining right? What do we know? Well I guess what does Jason know, Ron know, Marty know? Have you ever missed a game and felt the outcome wouldve different if you watched it? It’s silly, right? But I bet most of the people that enjoy sports as much as I do, know this feeling. Right now, we’ve got Ron Jack Scott and the retreads. And I just hope they have some answers. I don’t care what they say, what’s the expression? I’m from Missouri, yeah, well I’m not, but show me!!!!

What’s a name? A name is the first and last thing given to you in life. Well, we are about to find out how much of a mystery this name change has led up to. I mean this movie is like watching an idiot do the dumbest, most selfish things. The guy who demands to be heard, but he isn’t saying anything worth hearing. It just makes you feel dirty to hear the sounds this guy makes. How can anyone work for this guy? Better shower at home, keep your eyes blind, your ears deaf, and still exceed at your job. The work environment was described as a frat that hazes its newest members. I’ve been told to gain respect, you must first show respect. Danny surrounded himself with yes men. He gets Ron, and what does Ron do? It’s like you can’t make this stuff up. Fed Ex Field is like a metaphor for this franchise. Outdated, run down, it’s like falling in slow motion, where you think you can stop it, but it’s already done.

Jason, Danny, Ron Jack Scott and the retreads are what we got. Wouldn’t it be cool if out of no where we chose the perfect name, fixed the dysfunction, and had a great new stadium? Danny’s supposed to be this great business man. He once rented a jet and made his money so much he started a business doing this. Danny’s either a card shark or a mark. A football team with a outdated stadium, numerous dark clouds swirling over them, and just utter chaos and failure after failure. It’s like sitting at a poker table. Two conservative players push all in, Danny looks down at at two. He peeks at his other card and pushes all in. We can’t see his card, but based off of what we’ve seen, we are assuming that other card is a seven. What are the odds of a successful out come? I just laid it out for you. At least after all these years, that’s how it feels.

Can we fix it? Sure! All you can do is use the information you have. Ron, seems like a tough guy, calm, and convicted. Jason, well that Sean Taylor tribute? Maybe Jason slumps early in the game too. Jack, Scott, and the FO, I think the jury is still out. Scott hasn’t exactly had a lot to work with. Jack has some talent but does it fit together? I can defend or criticize these guys, but ultimately, Ron made these choices. It’s two years in, we are locked in, gotta hope for the best. Right now the Giants have a pair of top cards, and Philly has three of a kind. Are we going to win two meaningless games? It’s not looking good. If we do lose this next game, I’d treat the Giants game like a preseason game. Throw Kyle out there, put him in difficult situations, see how he reacts. Put your defense in difficult situations, see how they respond. I’m no scout, and I like the guy, but the Taylor experiment is over. He shouldn’t be on this team next year. Should we trade Payne or Sweat? No, unless we get value. Should they take a QB of the future in this draft? I can’t say for certain. If it were left up to me this is what I’d do:

Evaluate what you have. For me personally, I’d stick with the entire coaching staff. Collectively, I’d sit everyone down, and discuss what we need to do to move forward. How much cap space do we have? How much do we need to sign our home grown guys we want to keep? Here I am figuring out, ok it says we have say 53 million in cap, these are our needs, how much of this can we spend? After this years debacle, let’s do better homework on fits and medical guys!

Identify your mistakes. What did we do wrong? What do we need to improve? Are we providing our team with the right facilities and personnel to succeed? To eliminate a problem, you must first acknowledge its existence, you must own your faults without getting defensive, and throwing blame at others isn’t going to help. This is your team, it’s set, and it’s game time, figure it out!

Personnel. Resign the guys you can. Money isn’t endless, so you have to choice wisely. But to build upon any success, you have to keep your core intact. Identify these guys and make a effort to keep these guys. Now what do we need? Here is my list:

Defense. The defense is probably closer to fix than the offense. We have playmakers at multiple positions on defense.


Outside DB

Coverage LB

Depth especially in the trenches

Offense. We have a few sure things. Terry, a stud, a good player who leads by example. Our center Chase, we’ve missed this guy. Flowers looks like a keeper. But there is a lot of question marks. Samuel, Gibson, Kizz because he’s a FA, Brown, Thomas, Leno, Cosmi, and who is the QB? Last year we started a bunch of different QBs, this year the same. Me, I’d start Kyle. I like Taylor but he’s a third stringer at best. He’s a practice squad guy. Need to get a read on Allen.


Big WR

LT of the future



Depth especially in the trenches.

I want to always fortify my trenches. Offenses can wear down defenses and defenses offenses. Keep the trenches stocked.

Fill in as much as you can in FA. Going into the draft with needs isn’t ideal. Your goal as a personnel guy is to find play makers. If you need a QB sign a guy who can lead your team. Make sure his skill set fits your skill set and stand firm. This applies to every player. Unfortunately, unless players drafted develop, we will likely have holes. Do the best you can.

Draft. Identify what positions have depth. Explore all possibilities. Plan for the unexpected. Do your due diligence.

This doesn’t sound hard at all right. It wouldn’t take anyone twenty years to learn this. If Ron can’t start next year off a lot better, it’s time for him to go. Here’s to a new year….or is it?