Good luck on the season

From 1222tmiller:

Well at least you are willing to say how you really feel. Take a deep breath and get over it. And if you can't, I am not sure why you would watch another WFT game until he [Scott Turner] is gone.

I realize my posts have been overwhelmingly negative over the past year so I apologize -- truly, I am sorry. I'm going to stop posting for a while -- it's not good for this board, it's not good for me, and I don't have time for it. I also don't expect you to read any further if you don't care.


In 25 years of being a fan, I have never questioned my fandom more than I have over the past 2 years. Between Dan Snyder's hostile work environment, all the lawsuits, the name change, and the extreme cases of nepotism and favoritism -- among a litany of other off-field indiscretions -- I find myself not being able to separate what goes on behind the scenes from what happens on the field.

You may think it's extreme to lump nepotism together with sexual harassment, and I suppose I would agree, but I am a victim of my own emotions when it comes to nepotism because I have experienced it firsthand from both sides -- as an employee and as a manager.

(For the sake of transparency, my first professional job, a summer internship at a tech company, was helped by a reference from my dad who worked at the same company. So I'm not blameless. Since that job, I have never used him as a reference for any other position.)

My own experience involves being passed over for a managerial position I worked for and -- I would say -- earned, so that the regional manager's son (fresh from college) could come into the company at an upper level position. And I trained him. And honestly, I could deal with that. I did my job professionally, and I got myself out of that company within the year.

What I couldn't get over was being in a similar position 6 years later, as the hiring manager, and being told, in no uncertain terms, that I must hire both an upper manager's son and a regional manager's nephew, over more obviously qualified candidates. The nephew, in particular, also fresh from college, listed in his applicable skillset that he was good at twitter. They wanted to put these people in charge of managing very important and highly visible contracts. I protested vehemently. Put them in lower level positions, why do they need to start at this level? Ultimately, my own job was threatened if I didn't play along. Playing along meant submitting glowing interview reports, knowing that bad reports would tank their chances. And I did. And again, I questioned why I was supporting that company, and I made plans to leave. (Also yes, it's fair to question why I didn't do what was right in that situation instead of doing what was easy).

I don't expect anyone to fully understand (I don't know if I even fully understand) why I despise seeing Scott Turner as our OC so much. His whole career is the result of the most egregious and in-your-face violation of nepotism I can recall seeing in football -- and, in saying that, I do also realize nepotism happens in football a lot, and on every team, but this case just smacks me in the mouth for some reason.

I am rooting for Scott Turner to fail. I admit that. Yet, I don't hate him; I hate the situation. But it still sucks not being able to take joy in the team you've supported for essentially your whole life.

But then again, maybe I'm truly just not really a fan anymore. I don't know. I do know I will never be okay with Dan Synder as the owner. I will never be okay with Scott Turner as the OC, regardless of whatever success he may have.

And wildly hypocritical as it may be, the one thing that never made me question my support of the team was keeping the name, even throughout all the controversy. But with the name now gone, and a new one coming, maybe there really is nothing keeping me here.

Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. I'll stay to reply to comments, if any, otherwise I'll be signing off, probably at least for the year.

Good luck on the season. Hopefully those wild predictions come true