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Thank God It’s Tuesday—Three Simple Steps to Fix the Defense

Kevin, Tim and Ken cover DC’s home team on the gridiron after a tough opening loss at home.

NFL: New York Giants at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

After three weeks, the Washington Football Team is back below .500 and things look a little worse than they did on the both sides of the ball. On defense, we are the worst team in the league on third downs...but we’re also the worst on that down on offense? You know what that means...only one way we can go from here!

The one thing I wasn’t expecting to happen to this team happened on Sunday—a blowout. It wasn’t really close, even when we may have been trying to convince each other it was after Dustin Hopkins converted the longest onside kick I have ever seen. My question to you is, what are our expectations? (I know I predicted a win, but in my defense, there was whiskey involved.) Are we really that far removed from the 7-9 division winner we watched last season?

I guess therein lies the issue...yes, we were division champs, but no, we weren’t really that great last year either. It has to be about this rebuild and while you can take issue with every decision made by Ron Rivera and the front office, ultimately, this is year two of a total knockdown renovation. So how good should we be at this point? Again, there is a wide range of acceptable answers here, but for me, I continue to look for improvement.

In week three, we showed very little—to no—improvement. Our defense in particular is backsliding, which is troubling, because it is supposed to be our identity. Our offense is struggling yet again under center, and as I said above, when it matters most on third down, we are failing.

This ain’t no Victory Tuesday, but it also ain’t no pity party. It’s time to fix things. That’s what we’ll do tonight.

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