It’s the end of the month, BILLS ARE DUE

Taylor, Kizz, Terry, the OL, and spots from Hump, Seals, and Gibson led us to a miracle win last Thursday. 10 days to prepare for a Bills team that appears rejuvenated on defense and is a potent offensive power. Allen can run and pass, Diggs will present problems to our unsteady secondary, and the coverage may test Taylor’s arm. This is a true measuring stick of how far we’ve come from last year. This is a bad match up. Bills defense looks legit, while ours gave up several big plays (I’m counting that drop too). We have time to fix things, but Sundays coming.

Match ups/Keys:

Running game/Bills D: we have to be able to control clock. Last week, we implemented more screens, used Kizz more, and Gibson looked powerful against the Giants. We didn’t use him a lot. We will need him in games such as these with high powered offenses. When you look at our schedule, with exception to the Falcons, we have NO easy games. Some of those teams have high octane Os. Our defense hasn’t looked good, we need to play keep away. This won’t be easy, but it is probably our only hope.

Terry/White: last week Terry just balled, let’s be real! I don’t think this week, the Billy Bob Thornton’s will allow him to. I hope he still burns them. Terry is getting better every game. He isn’t GOD, but he’s a pretty damned good WR! This O would be zilch without him! White is one of the premiere DBs in the entire league. I think Terry is fired up, wanting to make a statement. He isn’t that look at me guy screaming for attention, he’s that hard worker that demands respect. He may not get up on podiums and deliver speeches, but his actions speak for him. He turns heads! White isn’t a chump, this one should be fun!

WFT OL/Bills front seven: last week against a pretty stout NYG front, the OL gave up one sack. This wasn’t the stellar play of our OL but rather the implementation of schemes to help them. Scott looked bad at first but cleaned it up. This Bills D is led by a former Rivera disciple, he wants to attack. Miami felt that. They got crushed. They also held a decent Pitt O to 250ish. Thru the course of two weeks this Bills D has allowed less than 500 total yards and the front is definitely a part of that equation. Taylor will be tested. He has made sound decisions thus far, but has also been fortunate on a couple of bad throws. Luck is not something you want to depend on, ask any gambler. It’s a cruel unfaithful companion that will heartlessly leave you in an instant. This week, we need to establish a ground game and the OL has to be strong. We have to push the ball, and force the defense to load the box. If we can use this to establish some favorable match ups, this same OL has to protect Taylor to give him time for these plays to develop. The Bills will date him to throw it deep. He can’t float them, they have to arrive on time with proper velocity. This requires a clean pocket and Taylor being able to focus on the safeties and DBs.

WFT front seven/Bills OL: a pass rush is a secondary’s best friend. Our secondary needs a friend right now. Explosive plays have been allowed. This needs to be cleaned up. What would vastly help us if our front gets in. Allen can run, and this is the same match up we’ve faced for two straight weeks. A QB who is a duel threat. Jack has to scheme this one better. Last week we went contain and it exposed our boundary DBs in Fuller and Jackson. While it may not completely be on them, they were torched. This front is supposed to be the best in the NFL. We are two weeks in, and no better time for their late arrival than now! I’d like to see about six….six sacks can disrupt this offense and Allen’s confidence. It would be good to rattle the signal caller and possibly help out our secondary to make a play. The LBs played a bit better, we need more. Coverage would be nice! Cole is the clear front runner as our best LB, while Jamin is starting to get acclimated with the speed and strength of the NFL. Bostic was lining guys up, swing things and getting there in run coverage. But he wasn’t great in pass coverage. Maybe that Buffalo nickel gets spent Sunday.

WFT secondary/Bills skills players: stop the big play, stop the short pass, these guys have to be suffering from whip lash. That’s the breaks, you are paid good money to do a job. Jackson hasn’t shown me the man coverage he was bragging about. Fuller never was a boundary DB to me and it’s a bit early but Juste isn’t a guy who won’t need S help. He is perhaps our best DB down the road, but he doesn’t possess elite speed. I have to say this, I think it’s more on coaching, and scheme than it is on these guys. Collins shouldn’t be out there. Nepotism rarely works and this will divide troops fast! If Collins wants to pout, make him inactive and ban him from facility. If he is more open to trying LB, do this! Because he is hurting this team!!! I think McCain isn’t great, but he’s better. I think Curl is underutilized. I’m no expert, but it’s time we find out. We have to play better on the back end of the front isn’t helping. I know the advantage will always go to the O. At the end of every game, you get paid, earn it!!!!!

Logan Thomas: hey guy, we need you this week. Let’s find some open spaces and makes some plays.

Humphries: good job last week. We will need a bit more this week.

Gibson: bring your lunch, it is going to be a long day.

Kizzy: excellent spark last week. If we can get some more of that and give them one more thing to account for….every little bit helps!

Taylor: If the game is in the balance again. Maybe hand it off to your big runner. This one is a big one for you most of all. You said you felt you’ve earned the starting job. I say show me this week if you really want it. If you are that guy, you can win this game!

Chase: hey man, sack record? How about a sack????

PREDICTION: This is a must win game!!!! We dropped our first, we’ve got a deep dark Forrest awaiting to eat us after the Falcons (who can still surprise us). We need to win this one. The Bills will come out and score first. They will have Taylor nervous and he will make mistakes. It will look bad. But then our front comes to life and forces a turnover. We score. We go into half time down by a score and come out and tie it up our opening drive. Our defense is getting in but Allen escapes, extends plays but the pressure causes the ball to be thrown poorly. We get another turnover. We take the lead with a Hopkins chip shot. The Bills adjust and begin to use draws and read options to slow our rush. They take it in for a score just before the mid way point of the fourth quarter. We are down four. The opening KR nets is huge yardage and we kick another Hopkins FG. This one will be on the defense with just under five mins remaining. The Bills go conservative for the first two plays and the defense is ready. Third and eight, Josh is forced to runs and is stopped short by Cole. 4-4 they punt away from our returner. Taylor only needs to get us into FG range. We drive the field, tick the clock, escaping with a Hopkins FG as time expires. The defense will regain some of its confidence. We will head into ATL at 2-1.