I believe

Two words spoken and some clown says cheerleader of the year. As if an answer from the football Gods TH hits Kizz to put us close. Then the throw and catch that started the beginning of what would be a roller coaster of a game. I am a realist but I watched both games. What I saw is a better team than the team last year that won the division. Yes we have issues! Yes our team is struggling. But we are 1-1….it could be worse. Everyone who has watched this team saw how well we turned it around and forgot how we were able to select Chase Young. I remember. I know that this team hit rock bottom and that Ron has done everything he can do to save this team from football hell. Every coach who comes in should be given three years to make the team his own. We had holes everywhere, some are patched atm, some are filled, and some still exist. We got a gift tonight. I get it. Our defensive line can’t single handedly stop an NFL team, I’m shocked that anyone thought that. It will take time, but I see steps that will lead to a journey. That journey could lead to victory or it could lead to defeat. If this regime fails, it won’t be because the owner took his power, because of incompetence, as they say "sometimes it be like that." But until this step becomes the journey and until the journey is complete, I believe!