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Rile’d Up: Being Wise in Washington

Daniel Wise, DT for the Washington Football Team is Rile’d Up for the Season

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NFL: Washington Football Team Rookie Minicamp Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

On this episode of Rile’d Up, Tiffany was joined by Daniel Wise, a new addition to the Washington Football Team’s defensive front. Wise discussed his family and preseason in Washington.

Wise is the brother of Super Bowl Champion and Patriots defensive end Deatrich Wise Jr. His father, Deatrich Wise Sr, played for the Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints. Our guest credits his mother as the driving force behind his family and his parents for his strong principles. He shared what he’s learned from his brother and father and how he tackles mental health. Wise played for the Dallas Cowboys in his first season and is very familiar with the rivalry. He shared that he is excited to be a part of Washington’s budding team and looking forward to engaging with fans throughout the season.

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