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Ron Rivera Presser: We’re not bringing in any more QBs, comfortable with the guys we have

Ron Rivera speaks to the media

Washington Football Team Head Coach Ron Rivera opened his day after the game presser with the news that starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick will be placed on injured reserve due to the right hip subluxation he suffered in the 2nd quarter yesterday. Fitzpatrick had an MRI this morning that confirmed their initial concerns. He will be seeing other doctors as they determine his treatment, and the length of time he will be out. He is required to miss a minimum of 3 games under the NFL’s modified IR rules, and the team will have a 21-day window to evaluate him and either activate him or shut him down for the season.

Rivera said the backup QB Taylor Heinicke will start on Thursday night against the New York Giants as expected. He’s a gunslinger, and a player that creates energy and excitement when he plays. The team will rally around him as the starter.

Kyle Allen will be his backup, and he is comfortable with them going forward. The team did add Kyle Shurmur to the practice squad this morning, but they do not plan on bringing in other QBs to the roster.

The offensive line had it’s moments against the Los Angeles Chargers defense, but rookie RT got a baptism by fire going against a premier pass rusher in Joey Bosa. Cosmi had his moments where he flashed, but both of Washington’s tackles could have played better.

Rivera said the Chargers didn’t show anything in the preseason by not playing their starters, and that helped hide their gameplan. The defense was inconsistent and players were missing their gaps. This is an accountability defense, and everyone has to play their position. Rookie CB Benjamin St-Juste was in good position on a lot of plays, but Justin Herbert and the LAs offense played a smart game.

Rookie Dyami Brown played the 2nd-most snaps at WR and Rivera said his speed showed up on film. He drew a pass interference call when he ran by a defender and got grabbed. Brown helped show that Washington’s offense isn’t afraid to throw it deep, and they have the speed to make defenses pay.

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