On to the next one

So this week was a huge let down but the sky’s not falling yet…NY didn’t look good against the Broncos, we didn’t set the world on fire either. Both teams will be playing for their football lives. These are the match ups:

Our DL versus Giants OL: we expect a better showing and it will be VITAL! We need to pressure the QB, force turnovers, and stop the damned run. Third downs were awful today, not just on D but on O. We need to keep our defense fresh, and we failed. But I still firmly believe we lost on that fumble. Ron made the right call to punt because it was first game of the year, and he needed to see if he could rely on his defense to win games. We had several opportunities to stop them and we failed. I’m sorry, the defense is the back bone of this team and they need to step up! I expect they will know this and play much better. Or else we will be up on a losing season once again….I saw push from the DL, they were getting there but a step late.

LBs/Ss versus the TEs, slots, and RBs: the Chargers crushed us in the middle of the field. They exploited our coverages, and they got the ball out fast. I wish I had the resources of the staff here to be able to show this, but I don’t. I saw the game, I watched the plays. Our LBs and Ss have got to be better. We need to get off the field, but it’s not just on them. I will address the rest later. Too many times people were open over the middle, they ran the ball decent, and they moved the ball all day long. This is why many questioned Ron punting the ball.

Our OL versus Giants DL: our blocking was horrible but we seemed to get a better flow when a more mobile QB took away their edge. Taylor can run and he will. But we need much better play from both of our Ts, and we need the OL to not commit costly penalties. Our 18 million dollar all pro knocked us out of FG range! Cosmi was against one of the better EDs in the entire game and he’s a rookie, he has to get better and I think he will. Leno will likely need to sit. Turner needs to adjust his game plan.

Skill positions versus the GMens D: Gibson dropped some critical passes and we all know the fumble was a free seven. I didn’t like his response, he seemed to let that get to him understandably so, but he didn’t rise the challenge rather cowered from it. We need him to step up, we need someone other than Terry to step up, and we need better scheming and all better play from our skill players. This isn’t just on Ron/Scott, the players need to get open, rally behind this near win, and step up, not cower!

Third down O: let’s be real 2/10 isn’t getting it done and isn’t helping the defense stay fresh. We got dominated and still only lost by a one score margin. This team isn’t the hype that the 12-5 crowd was chanting yet, but it can be. We got dominated and still should’ve won. The defense tightened up in the red zone and played decent outside coverage that was mitigated by precise accuracy and decision making of an up and coming talented QB. Taylor is the guy now like it or not and this team needs to rally around this guy. Whatever it takes, drives must be extended and this O needs to hold the ball a lot more than in our opener.

Taylor: the guy did what he was told in the off-season and never really was given much of a chance to shine in PS. He came into a vastly difficult situation and was nervous making two wild throws, but he calmed….and he did what he could. Never in your life make that weird throw again, but play and make good decisions, this isn’t a bad defense and may be a bit better than the Chargers.

prediction: this one is going to be tough for both team and another low scoring affair. Hopkins can’t hit the long ones, but he did hit the ones he should’ve, we need him to do same to secure a slim victory of 19-16.