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Updated depth chart (8 August 2021)

Don’t blink.

The most recent depth chart change is caused by Washington signing OT Cole Boozer.

Boozer, who is 26, was undrafted out of Temple in 2018 before signing with Tampa Bay. He spent time on the practice squad, but was ultimately waived by the Buccaneers three times.

Boozer was drafted into the XFL by the DC Defenders, where he played 5 games at OT. He has not appeared in an NFL game to date.

The depth chart is back to 91 players (44 offense, 44 defense, 3 ST specialists). Washington is allowed an extra player due to a roster exemption for David Bada, who joined the team via the International Player Pathway program.

If you are wondering about the numbers on the depth chart, those represent the 2021 cap hits for players over $1m for the season.

Washington will have to cut 5 players from the roster following Thursday’s preaseason opener against the Patriots, and will enter the second preseason game with no more than 86 players.