Best guess at "4 to 6" positions in question

Rivera had offered that based on the team's play in the game versus Baltimore his areas of positional concern went from "4 to 6." I found that interesting and I've tried to think what were the original four and what two were added. Here's my best guess

Best guess at original 4

1. WR - AGG, Carter, Milne - Everyone saw this is as one of the positional groups with the most intense battles for the final couple of spots and whether they would roster 6 or 7 WRs?

2. TE - Reyes, Seals-Jones, Wilson - The coaches have been keen to assess Reyes progress and whether they could get away with just three TEs or would need a 4th? Reyes oozes potential but is still very, very raw so Seals-Jones was rostered too.

3. LB - Kunaszyk, Mayo, Norris, Walker - The first four spots seemed set, but the question was whether one or two LBs from this group would join them? Based on the Ravens game, the answer turned out to be "none" surprising, I think, everyone.

4. DE - Bradley-King, Toney, Toohill - Coach had inferred that he wanted this group to "take the next step" so this was one of the positional groups he would be watching, the extent to which the players were available to play in it.

Two Added

5. CB - Johnson, McTyer, Moreland, Roberts - My guess is this group was added by Rivera. Expected was McTyer and Moreland to emerge, but somehow Moreland lost his spot to Roberts.

6. S - Forrest, Reaves - Even though the rookie didn't play due to injury, Reaves fell short of expectations in this contest is my guess and so will have to rejoin the team through the practice squad.

Other position groups considered as either 4 or 2 but ruled out

RB - I don't think this group was an original one or was added - I think Peterson had solidified his position in the first two preseason games, and the coaching staff saw nothing to add Barber back into the competition.

QB - As poorly as Allen played, based on the initial 53 selections, I don't think QB was added; if it was, he chose not to make Allen one of his surprise cuts. Claiming Grier to add him to the practice squad wouldn't surprise me in the least however.

K - As poorly as Hopkins played, no action was immediately taken, and so I don't think K was added; if it was, he chose not to acquire any kicker yet. Claiming a kicker to add him to the practice squad again wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Do you have a different interpretation of the original four position groups in play and the two that were added to them?