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Initial 53-man depth chart

We have a starting point for the season

You can read the details about the roster if you CLICK HERE.

In the end, there were not big surprises — just a couple of raised eyebrows.

The depth chart is now at 53 players (26 offense, 24 defense, 3 ST specialists), with a continuing roster exemption for David Bada (for the moment).

It looks pretty obvious that there will be more changes, probably as soon as Wednesday afternoon. The team, for example, has only 4 linebackers on the roster. Ron Rivera said earlier this week that he hoped to add a veteran linebacker, and it appears as if they’ve left room for that in the position group, but, as always, adding one player means getting another one off the roster.

Practice squad formation will begin on Wednesday, as soon as the waivers have been processed.

The roster ‘tweaking’ often goes on for about a week beyond final cut downs as the coaches and front office position themselves to build the strongest, deepest roster they can ahead of the start of the regular season.

If you are wondering about the numbers on the depth chart, those represent the 2021 cap hits for players over $1m for the season.

As always, the assessment of position, depth, and skill level is mine alone; it does not necessarily reflect the thinking of the coaching staff and no one else was consulted regarding it’s construction.