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Washington Football Team Name Discussion: Some Options For You to Ponder

As you know, I like to play (and stir), the name debate game a bit on my social media account. It just MAY or MAY NOT have anything to do with...nothing.

Today is the team’s first padded practice of training camp, so I’m sure that will garner a lot of headlines. But, with all the vaccine talk monopolizing the comments section as of late, I figured this could give us a break from hearing everyone’s political and social viewpoint of that, and instead focus on everyone’s political and social viewpoint of the team’s new name.

The Clubhouse leaders:

- Commanders (I strongly believe this is the clubhouse leader)

- RedTails

- RedWolves/Wolves

- Renegades

- Sentinels

*In some way shape or form, each of these has a tie to the DMV area.

The Wild Cards:

- Ambassadors

- Armada

- Aviators

- Federals

- Generals

- Hogs/Wild Hogs

- Presidents

- Riders

- The Washington Football Team/The Washington Football Club

My Favorites:

Destroyers: In naval terminology, a destroyer is a fast, maneuverable, long-endurance warship intended to escort larger vessels in a fleet, convoy or battle group and defend them against powerful short range attackers.

- Some may feel this has a negative connotation, but if you look at the definition, a Destroyer escorts and protects the fleet, defending them against enemy attack.

Avengers: A person or group who takes revenge for an offense or wrong-doing perpetrated against them.

- Not only would this be bad-ass, but if we ever move to D.C., the DC Avengers would have quite the ring to it!


- Gold is simple, pays tribute to our past heritage, and shouldn’t offend the 49ers TOO much.


- Just because it’s my favorite movie...


What is your favorite name option for the Washington Football Team?

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