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Some of my favorite photos from the last day of training camp in Richmond

These pictures were all taken by Emilee Fails, and are published on the team website:

No. 76 Rookie OT Sam Cosmi

Chase Young getting coached up

Terry goes up for the ball

Isaiah Wright sighting

This play’s been brewing for a while - Heinicke(n) to Miller

L to R: Moreland, S Sims, Curl, Collins

AGG & Jeremy Reaves

A kicker’s life

Torry McTyer (35) doing what cornerbacks do

Hunting quarterbacks

Crowd pleaser

That’s Casey Toohill on the ground with the ball, and Benjamin St-Juste with the celebration

Jamin Davis (52), Cole Holcomb (55), Steven Sims Jr. (15), Kamren Curl (31)

Training Sam Cosmi

DeAndre Carter, ladies and gentlemen!!

Looks like Keith Ismael had a tough week

One of these is not like the others...

Saying ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye’