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Ron Rivera Presser: Comfortable as can be with Dustin Hopkins; 6 roster spots are being decided before the deadline

Ron Rivera speaks to the media the morning after the last preseason game

The preseason is over and now the tough decisions need to be made. Ron Rivera said he will be meeting with coaches, scouts, and the two Martys to determine the last few spots on the roster that are up for grabs. He said there were 4 spots that were pretty open going into last night’s game against the Ravens. After the game two more spots became a little less clear so they have 6 positions open. Rivera said the big thing is getting the number of offensive and defensive linemen the team plans on keeping, and then the rest of the roster becomes clearer.

Another thing the team has to look at is how likely are they to get the guys they cut, and want to keep, on the practice squad. The team monitors interest in their players around the league to determine if it’s a risk to try to pass them to waivers. Rivera said one player has interest from other teams, and Ben Standig has previously reported that TE Sammis Reyes has other teams intrigued. The pro scouts will also give Rivera a list of players from around the league that are potential cuts. An advantage this year over last year is there were 3 preseason games, and there is more tape on players available. Rivera said he won’t make changes just to make them, they will add or cut players to make the team better.

Kicker Dustin Hopkins has been a big topic of discussion among fans this year(and the last few years). He had a pretty bad miss that he took full responsibility for last night. Ron RIvera says he is as comfortable as he can be with Hopkins. He said it’s not a problem until it’s a problem and they are going to ride with him for now. Rivera noted that he got hot at the end of last year (when there was talk of bringing in competition for him).

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