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Updated depth chart (24 August 2021)

Getting close to the tough cuts

Yesterday the team announced two roster moves:

First thing this morning, the team announced that four more players had been released:


On Tuesday afternoon, the team announced the expected cut — 4th string center John Toth.

The depth chart is now at 81 players (39 offense, 39 defense, 3 ST specialists). With the roster exemption for David Bada, the Football Team is at 81 players, meaning that they are in compliance with the league’s roster rules, with final cut down to 53 players required by next Tuesday, 31 August.

I’ll remind you that the initial 53 rarely represents the “final” roster of players that will take the field for Washington in Week 1. There may be some movement of players to IR after the 31 Aug roster, and the team may pick up players cut from other teams, necessitating that players who initially looked ‘safe’ to be cut. The roster ‘tweaking’ often goes on for about a week beyond final cut downs as the coaches and front office position themselves to build the strongest, deepest roster they can ahead of the start of the regular season.

IF you are wondering about the numbers on the depth chart, those represent the 2021 cap hits for players over $1m for the season.

As always, the assessment of position, depth, and skill level is mine alone; it does not necessarily reflect the thinking of the coaching staff and no one else was consulted regarding it’s construction.