The Second Careers of American Football Players

Whilst for most of us a career in the NFL would constitute having completed life, for these retired sports stars, they were only kicking off. It turns out that NFL players have a variety of transferable skills under their belts and these lot put it to good use. We've rounded up some of the more unusual careers of ex-football players, so whether you're thinking of retiring from the game, or just feel like being a little bit nosey, we've got you covered.

Bill Romanowski

We're going to start off with an infamous name from the world of American football, Bill Romanowski. During his time playing the sport, Romanowski couldn't seem to keep out of the headlines, but always for the wrong reasons. After making some questionable comments in a very public forum and making some disgracefully dirty plays on the field, Romanowski's reputation was more than a little tarnished in the eyes of the media. Whilst American football attracts its fair share of controversy, it wouldn't be untruthful to say that Romanowski was at the heart of much of it, well, at least until 2006. This year was his final in the NFL and it didn't take long before he was onto pastures new. He began his own line of supplements, Nutrition 53. Although they haven't sky-rocketed to success, he's still turning a profit on them. The line offers brain boosters, meal replacements, metabolism starters, and all kinds of diet-related promises. Whether they work is not for us to say, but they're not exactly backed by cold hard facts. Whether Romanowski's steroid use kicked off his fascination with supplements is hard to say, but it's clear that this is one guy who'll try absolutely anything to stay on top of his game.

Miles Austin

Miles Austin was most famous for his success as a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. Thanks to his stellar performances with the team, he went on to forge a great career as a coach for the New York Jets. Despite his all-around brilliance as both a player and coach, it turns out that he has a couple of other strings to his bow. Perhaps his head for tactics is what gave rise to his success as a poker player, or perhaps it was always a hobby of his. Either way, Miles Austin proved that he wasn't just a fan of online poker, but that he had what it took to go far in face-to-face competitions. He made it to the third day of the WPT World Championship in 2014, which is no mean feat for someone who is only a poker player, let alone a poker player and a formidable wide receiver.

Drew Bledsoe

Drew Bledsoe had a pretty good career with the New England Patriots as their quarterback. However, as with the careers of too many athletes, disaster struck when he came down with an injury. Despite his best attempts at making a full recovery, Tom Brady was called in to replace him and did a career-endingly-excellent job. To Bledsoe's credit, he allowed Brady to take his space with good humor, perhaps because he secretly knew what his next career move would be. Doubleback Winery was Bledsoe's big break, which he officially founded back in 2007. The winery itself uses grapes from vineyards around the Walla Walla area and the wine they produce is no laughing matter. Often those in the public eye will use their fame to sell the product, but Bledsoe has produced some high-caliber bottles. The wines have placed in the Wine Spectator's definitive top 100 list and they almost always sell out year on year.