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Ryan Fitzpatrick Presser: “It’s been fun” being in Washington

QB1 talks to the press after Monday’s practice

Ryan Fitzpatrick said that he’s become comfortable with the offense and his teammates, saying that “it’s been fun”. He talked about “trust throws” and being on the same page with his receivers as signs that the offense is coming together as a unit and able to make it happen in a game.

He talked about a number of the talented tight ends he’s played with in his career and mentioned that Logan Thomas is “interesting” due to his background as a quarterback and his big body and ability to be physical and get the catch. He said that Thomas loves football, and they both have a lot of kids, which gives them plenty to talk about.

He answered a question about his time in Houston and how it opened his eyes to new ways to play quarterback, and added that this year, (Year 17) is still a challenge as he is being asked to look at throws and progressions in a new way. He said that the coaches have also adapted some of his ideas into the offense.

Fitzpatrick indicated that getting a few plays in preseason is enough; he said he didn’t feel the need to play a lot.

He talked about the Washington roster being an “ascending” group, and promised that the offense was going to be dynamic. He pointed out that the group has a lot of different guys who can make plays. He also had some kind words for the defense.

The veteran talked about the differences in receivers and the methods he uses for understanding how to throw deep. Asked for his secret, he said that people will need to “wait for [his] book in 20 years”.

On a couple of occasions he mentioned the need to put ego to the side so that the veteran QB and the coaches can work together, describing it as “good” with “open lines of communication”.

Fitz stressed that with his experience, he doesn’t think he will have trouble connecting with Curtis Samuel given that the receiver hasn’t been able to practice yet this preseason. The discussion of connection with receivers continued with him talking about the work he’s put in with Terry McLaurin, Logan Thomas and others. He said that making some of those throws is “second nature” and not something that has rules; it comes from hours and hours of practice.

Fitz said that, while Scott Turner allows the QB to add to the playbook, only the offensive coordinator gets to name — he says that Scott Turner “retains the naming rights” because the playcalling is its own language. He also talked about his history of having to come into a team and prove himself; he said he “checks it at the door” to suppress his ego and listen to coaches.

He said that some “reads and throws” made him scratch his head when he first arrived in Washington, but said that he’s totally on board now. He said that on some things, the coaches here look at football differently than he ever has, stressing how much of a challenge and growth opportunity he has faced here in DC.