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Dan Snyder finally admits he’s “made a lot of mistakes”

Though not to us

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Football Team recently added sportswriter Michael Silver to its communications team this past week.

Silver has written several books on a variety of athletes, and comes to the team with substantial experience both working for Sports Illustrated and the NFL Network. He has a regular podcast - Pass It Down - and will be writing a regular column for the team, among other communications’ work.

Just this afternoon, he released a podcast which includes an interview with Ron and Stephanie Rivera. It’s well worth a listen, as it covers the inner workings of how Dan Snyder convinced Rivera (and his wife) that the job in Washington was the right one for him.

After Ron discusses being flown down to the Snyder’s home in the Bahamas for the initial negotiations, and the “coach-centric approach” pitch, he hands the conversation off to his wife. Stephanie then described Snyder’s pitch to her:

He goes, “You know, I was only 35 (I think he said, when he got the team).” He goes, “I made a lot of mistakes.” He goes, “I’m a fan. I was a fan when I bought the team,” and, he goes, “I did not know a lot of things that needed to be done.” And, he goes, “I thought I hired the right people.” He goes, “Now I know I didn’t.” He goes, “But, I think I can get everything corrected, if I can hire your husband.”

Imagine how much different things could be if Snyder had ever shown an ounce of that humility and responsibility to the fan base. Imagine how things could be if he would step up and finally do so. That would be a notch Jason Wright could proudly place on his belt.

Consider this an early victory for Silver and his work with the team, and let’s hope he continues to pull back the curtain.


Does Dan Snyder’s admission of culpability for the team’s poor performance - via Stephanie Rivera - make you feel any better about WFT’s future?

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