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The Washington Football Team announces FedEx Field will welcome fans back at full capacity this season

Fans are back!

Wild Card Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Washington Football Team announced today that it will be welcoming fans back to FedEx Field for the 2021-22 season, and the stadium will be at full capacity. This is a drastic change from last year when the COVID-19 pandemic shut fans out of Washington's games for the entire season. The lone exception came during their November 8th home game against the New York Giants that allowed 3,000 season ticket holders in. The previous two home games had limited capacity trials with 250 friends and family of the players. Fans were once again banned from the stadium after the Giants game.

This was really unfortunate for fans, and led to awkward silences during broadcasts, along with piped in crowd noises with sometimes oddly-times cheers and boos. It also meant fans weren't there to witness Washington's run at the end of the season to win the division. And also their home playoff game against the Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The safety of the fans and staff was important to the organization according to Team President Jason Wright. They have worked with the county and state governments to get to the point where the stadium can once again host fans. Washington was at the forefront of dealing with the pandemic, and also had one of the lowest infection rates among it's players. You can say a lot of bad things about owner Dan Snyder, but his handling of this health crises can be commended.

There has been no decision made on whether fans who attend games at FedEx Field this season will be required to be full vaccinated.