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Will Washington Play Quarterback Roulette in 2022?

Syndication: The Oklahoman BRYAN TERRY via Imagn Content Services, LLC

No one knows what the 2022 quarterback class will truly hold. You can have your breakout candidate (like Joe Burrow in 2019), the regressions, the guy who is made to look better by the talent surrounding him...and of course, the big fish in the small pond.

All this is lumped on the shoulders of NFL scouts, front office personnel and coaches to decipher - and believe me when I say; that process has already begun.

The Washington Football Team, barring an unforeseen trade before or during the 2021 season, should AGAIN head into 2022 with quarterback being at or near the top of the needs list. Unlike this past offseason, most of the major gaps should be adequately filled, so a young (or new), signal caller can step in and be surrounded by talent.

So just where can Washington turn to find their guy?

The Big Names:

- Spencer Rattler(rs So.): 6’1” 205 Oklahoma

2020 - 3031 yards, 28TD’s, 7INT’s; 160 rushing yards, 6TD’s

- Sam Howell(Jr.): 6’1” 225 UNC

2020 - 3586 yards 30TD’s 7INT’s; 146 rushing yards, 5TD’s

- Kedon Slovis(Jr.): 6’2” 205 USC

2020(6 games) - 1921 yards 17TD’s 7INT’s

- Matt Corral(Jr.): 6’1” 205 Ole Miss

2020 - 3337 yards 29TD’s 14INT’s; 506 rushing yards, 4TD’s

- J.T. Daniels(Jr.): 6’3” 215 Georgia

2020(4 starts) - 1231 yards 10TD’s 2INT’s

- Desmond Ridder(Sr.): 6’4” 215 Cinn.

2020 - 2296 yards 19TD’s 6INT’s; 592 rushing yards, 12TD’s

The Risers:

- Phil Jurkovec(Jr.): 6’5” 226 Boston College

2020 - 2558 yards 17TD’s 5INT’s; 150 rushing yards, 3TD’s

- Carson Strong(Jr.): 6’4” 215 Nevada

2020 - 2858 yards 27TD’s 4INT’s

- Tyler Shough(Jr.): 6’5” 220 Texas Tech(Oregon Transfer)

2020(7 games with Oregon) - 1559 yards 13TD’s 6INT’s

- Malik Willis(Sr.): 6’1” 215 Liberty

2020 - 2250 yards 20TD’s 6INT’s

Potential Trade Candidates:

- Aaron Rodgers: I don’t know how serious Rodgers is being here with his demands to be traded, but I have to believe money, and a guaranteed amount at that, fixes everything.

- Deshaun Watson: Innocent until proven guilty is the phrase here. But, could Washington even afford the negative publicity until this mess is sorted out?

- Drew Lock: There is a chance the Broncos go a different direction at QB; be it Teddy Bridgewater, or a 2022 draft select.

- Russell Wilson: HIGHLY unlikely, but I’ll add him for fun.

How will Washington address the HUGE void at quarterback heading into 2022? Will next year - as we should see a new franchise name and re-brand taking place, be the perfect year to grab our signal caller of the future?